10 Habits That Block Your Path to Success

by on May 21, 2010

Habits are your daily routine which you perform consciously and subconsciously. Habits are what determines our personality, whether a person is introvert or extrovert, hard working or lazy, healthy or ill. Our habits also play a great role in achieving our dreams. Everyone has a certain dream or goal in life but without proper discipline and maintaining good habits, one cannot achieve his/her goals.  Sometimes we ignore our bad habits considering them to be very small part of our life but later in life they tend to harm us in great extent. If you are puzzled that even after trying out so many things you are not getting what you want then take a look at the list of bad habots below and see if you are suffering from any of them or all of them.

  1. Over sleeping: It is not only bad for health instead it will make you inactive in your work, hence reducing your work efficiency. Moreover you will lose your precious time just sleeping. 6-8Hours of sleep is considered to be enough for adults. If you sleep more than that then lets calculate how much time you have wasted, lets consider just 2hours of over sleeping. 2Hours x 30Days = 60Hours. Thats about two and half days in a month you overslept, just imagine what you could have done with two and half more days of your life, if it’s not much of a big deal then lets move ahead.
  2. I’ll do it later: Are you suffering from “I’ll do it later” syndrome. The symptoms of this bad habits are very simple to notice, a person will postponed his work to later and later and more later instead of finishing it off. No matter what the work is, if it’s not on time you will face loss my friend.
  3. Living in a dreamland: It’s good to have a dream but you need to make efforts to turn that dream into reality. Just fascinating about your dream for whole day will earn you nothing but failure. It takes sweat and blood to turn a dream into reality, it’s not a piece of cake, that one day you woke up and you found that you have a big mansion and Ferrari, Lexus and Phantom parked in your garage, too bad it doesn’t happen that way.
  4. Discipline and Balance: Life is not about doing anything in less or excess, it’s about maintaining balance. Don’t overdo anything just because you couldn’t do it earlier. It’s also important to be disciplined at the same time by following specific rules.
  5. What do you say about this?: If you are not able to take decisions on your own then I guess you can call yourself a Loser straight away. Winners don’t take approvals from other, they take their own decisions.
  6. I can’t do this alone: Are you always looking for someone to help you out in your tasks. You dream of millions and you are not even capable of doing your own work yourself, you need your buddies support all the time, I hope you have paid them enough to do all your tasks for whole life.
  7. Always changing focus: Is it really possible to reach multiple destinations at the same time, so by changing your goals and focus time after time, how can you you achieve it.
  8. I need some motivation: OK, Where is this motivation going to come from, reading books, biographies, etc. I don’t think anyone but yourself in the world can motivate you. A person, book or movie can only inspire but the motivation comes from within not from outside, that’s what drives us.
  9. Quitting too early: Sometimes you need to push more to get results. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just extra effort. If you don’t push yourself how will you know your limit.
  10. Wasting time: Don’t waste your time in watching excessive television or any other activity instead try engaging your self in meaningful tasks which will give you something in return.

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