10 Money Making Tips for Teenagers

by on April 25, 2010

I still remember when I was a teenager I always wanted to have that extra weight in my pocket and often used to do alot of side kiks just to make few bucks. So I Know Now also every teenager out there is looking for various money making gigs well to there ultimate satifaction now we have n no of ways through which the teenagers can make money and spend it too by just using there Common Sense and few of my tips.

1. You Can be a Social Media Consultant – The Big shot Companys these Days Hunt for the people who are thorough with all the Social networking Biggies on the net these days like Facebook, Twitter and many more so if you are a net savvy and a teen then what else would you look for.

2. Sell your Body – Oops Don’t take me otherwise but it was in refrence to the selling of those parts of body which are either not used effectively or are available in large no For eg. plasma, hair, eggs, sperm and Bone Marrow.

3. Sell your Unsed stuff on Ebay – sitting bored at home have a look around, you may be having alot of unused but effecient stuff in your home which you can sell online on Ebay and make some extra money.

4. Be a Freelance Writer – Alot of content based websites give this opportunity to budding writers and employe them as freelancers and give them some good income.

5. Go For a Garage Sale – Why dont you just sell your old stuff or the stuff you are bored of using anymore in a garage sale and get the money you once invested in those products. Well this is not some big buck making thing but still you definately make some money out of your trash.

6. Become A Review Writer– if you think you have that extra 1% of grey matter available then you should definately take a step ahead and be a reviewer and comment your unique thoughts on topics or products. to help you there are certain websites available online which help you like Ciao, Epinions.com, ReviewStream.com and in return you get paid also for your writings you just have to be quick witted and speady in typing.

7. Sell Your Digital Photography Pics – If you think you are a potential photographer and have that uniquness in your photography then this is the best thing you could go for just search for an affordable ghost mannequin service and bingo you are getting paid enough after few weeks of the establishment.

8. Become a part time Tutor – You think you are good at maths or science, so why dont you go around your neighbour hood to teach those who are a few years younger than you. Visit https://www.twinseducation.com/igcse-maths-tuition-centre/ to have an idea how professional tutors do their job.

9. Blogging – I know what you are thinking, well if you are a net savvy and know the loop holes of internet promotions and bloggings then this may be the only and the best source of income for you.

10. Start online Advertising – if you are a teenager and a good blogger with your blog or website on good and high ranking then you can sell that tiny white spaces on your webpage for rental Advertisements and can definately earn a good and descent amount.

Well these were surely not the only ways for you teenagers to make money but indeed the best and the most effective ways of making money along with studying dating and all that you people enjoy doing the most.

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