10 Reasons You Should Drop a Client Immediately

by on July 12, 2010

Working with encouraging and motivating clients will make your freelance work easier and trouble free as excellence always inspires excellence. Great clients are the key to freelance happiness where as working with a horrible client can prove to be miserable. The problem starts when we tend to stick with a particular client who is difficult to handle, lower the quality of your work and job satisfaction. Check out the following reasons when you should drop a client immediately:

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  1. Hard to satisfy: Some clients always make you feel bad about your work by complaining too much. They even go beyond honesty to do that. You can never satisfy them, how harder you work for them. They are never happy and always leave you in a confusing state.
  2. Bad payers: Drop a client immediately if he doesn’t give you timely payments. Payments should be done, as promised, before initiating work. Payments today are as simple as few clicks. It shouldn’t take too much time to make a payment after you send them your invoice.
  3. Constant requests: There are many jobs, which require some requests that are unavoidable. Nevertheless, it’s better to look for new clients then doing round after round revisions of your work. Some clients keep troubling you with irrelevant requests.
  4. Too much work: Don’t exploit yourself by doing a huge amount of work where the pay is low. It is good when the work is in high volume, and you also need money. But if the job takes more time than your expectation, drop the idea quickly.
  5. Insufficient communication: Enough communication is needed to get the job done right. A client must do sufficient communication at the start of a new job otherwise problems are expected later.
  6. Lack of proper follows through: A client- freelancer relationship is a two way street. A freelancer is hired to do a job; even so, there are many things which a client must do. Many times a client doesn’t respond to phone calls and emails properly. This is not a good sign and this means it’s time to drop that client.
  7. Unsystematic: When a client deal in an unsystematic and unorganized way than it creates problems for the freelancer. If the client constantly forgets the things you are asking and taking a long time to respond to your mails then its better to drop him.
  8. Completely unprofessional: Sometimes a client doesn’t behave in a professional way. They try to become too personal. Although there should be friendly relationship, but overindulgence can be risky for your profession.
  9. Unbalanced mind: If the client sounds too emotional and unbalanced in his deeds and his anger or despair interfere with your work, then try to stay away from such clients. Their unprofessionally behavior makes your work complicated.
  10. Always negative: This is understandable that every human can make mistakes. However, if the client constantly brings in unnecessary mistakes in work and always responds negatively that makes you feel worse than start looking for a new one. You can never satisfy some clients, and you also have a reputation to uphold.

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Jane April 24, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I once had a client who demanded I help his company move for $14/hour, far less than what I earned as their part-time 1099 bookkeeper. They expected loyalty in the form of discount manual labor.


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