10 Tips To Improve And Make a Winning Resume

by on June 10, 2012

However your resume may be written at the present moment, it is inadequate, it does not stand out and there are hundreds of others whose resume will make the eyes of the employer pop out before yours. In fact, yours will likely slide right into the garbage. If you didn’t agree, you wouldn’t be looking for ways to write a winning resume. Lucky for you, improving your current resume to create a winning one is fairly simple. All you need to do is to read and implement the following 10 tips to turning your resume into a winning resume.

1. Eye Catcher

When you write an essay, you want the first line to be a mind catcher. You want it to stand out, to be powerful and create an urge in the reader to want to continue reading. The same goes for writing a resume, only you want an eye catcher. You want the person sifting through all the resume’s to pull yours up and question what is going on. For example, instead of merely listing your name once at the top, write it 9 times in big bold letters. After all, you are trying to be big and bold and that is exactly what employers look for when going through resumes – big and bold. What do you have as an eye catcher?

ideas to help and improve your resume2. Your Objective – Results

It seems fewer people are writing an objective or purpose on their resume. This can work in your favor because those who leave the objective out will quickly be tossed in the trash. Writing an objective statement is your chance, not only declare what you want but also an opportunity to tell the employer the results they can expect from hiring you. Have you ever heard of the elevator speech? It’s a speech that should take no longer than an elevator ride that sums up why a person should invest in you. It is something not only crucial to an interview, but to your resume as well. The objective is your opportunity to put your elevator speech into writing.

3. Skill Set

Most resume’s list the typical skills: good time management, organized, multi-tasking, good with people. Flatly stating it, they are banal and overused. When listing your skill sets, you have the opportunity to not only declare what extraordinary skills you have such as a talent for delegation, creating quantity of quality, constant improvement and reliability, but you also have the space to give a short description of a personal example in which you used that skill. Don’t just list skills; show the employer that you use them.

4. Accomplishments

Ribbons, trophies, awards and certificates should be the last thing said in your accomplishment section. They become miniscule and incomparable to the resume which tells of a real life accomplishment that no one gave recognition for. There is no trophy for climbing Mt. Everest, but your soon-to-be employer knows that it takes a special person with a special mind to accomplish something of the sort. Accomplishments are meant for expression, to voice your passion and what has made you happiest in life.

5. Previous Employment – Experience

Putting it straight forward, if there was a position in which you were not indispensible, leave it out. On the other hand, if there was a job that you only had for a few weeks, leave it in. By doing the latter, you are focusing only on the essentials, your best work, and the light in which you want your employer to see you in. By doing the second, you are showing you are human, that you take responsibility for your mistakes and that you learn from them. When writing about your previous employment, it is fine to write a list of the things you were assigned to do and did. In addition, write what made you irreplaceable, write how you improved the company, organization, etc. Do the same as you did in the accomplishment section, but focus it on the specific position you held.

6. Affiliations & Connections

Excess voluntarism will always put you in the forefront of possible new employees, as long as you express how you were indispensible and created improvement. It is said that a leader does not become one by positively leading employees, but by leading volunteers – people who are not paid to follow orders. There are thousands of desirable qualities that you get from volunteering and the employer will know this. If possible, you also have the opportunity to stand out if have any connections to organizations that may be related to the employer. It will always benefit you to do research of the place you wish to be employed at before hiring for this exact reason.

7. Education

Contrary to belief, exaggerating about your educational pursuits will not get you further. Hundreds and hundreds of applications are getting denied every week for being over qualified. State your degrees, something special that happened during your educational career and move on.

8. References

It will only benefit you if you can provide a reference that is inside the company or organization you wish to be employed at. There is no right or wrong number of contacts as long as they can talk on and on about you. Note: Do not say you can provide references upon request, just provide them.

9. Testimonials

References are no longer enough because many employers either consider it work to call your references or simply never contact them. That is why you need to put a testimonial or two in your resume. Let it be known that people talk highly of you – especially previous employers.

10. Personal Interests

Despite that you may think this is nonsensical. Letting your employer know a few personal interests of yours allows the opportunity for you two to connect before meeting. If the employer loves golf and you do to, now you already have something personal to connect with when you get an interview.

11. Bonus Tip: There is another opportunity that could make your resume stand out even further. With the increase in technology, most resumes are being submitted online. It’s logical that you would send it as a word document. This means that the title you save your resume as matters. Just as the first tip given, this is your opportunity to grab their attention. Create a resume titled something like “Your Best Choice” or “First Choice Resume”. Be creative and standout.

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Asher June 11, 2012 at 11:17 am

An impressive resume can clear your complete vision in front of the interviewer and i believe that. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful points.


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