5 Signs Your Job Will Suck

by on October 28, 2010

One can come to know how sick the job can be even during the interview. He/she just needs to be watchful about every minute thing. Here are five symptoms that show your job sickness.

Flurry of Awkward questions

When during interview an employer ask you strange or awkward questions than by doing so, he/she reflects that what kind of management style or work scenario is provided in the organization. For e.g., if an employer asks you that whether you get disappointed being cursed, then he/she gives you an idea of his/her obsession for cursing. Such an incidence was also told by web developer Dave Haynes, whose boss’s obsession for persistent cursing made him left the job. Employers by asking such strange questions mirror their behaviour and biases towards employees.

Signs of company’s dirty wash

A company whose reputation once gets washed away hardly comes back. The new employees also will have to suffer the dirty laundry, which would not be in their interests. You can smell the aroma of dirty laundry through various events. If during the visit to the company the interviewer or some other persons present cynical views about the company, then there could be some hidden truths behind the same, which you need to be vigil of. In other case, about such a company, one could also bar you from going ahead with privately, which is also not a good sign. The employer of a company with poor standing would not pay attention to your general questions about growth or future of the company.

Resentment among already employed workforce

Do take a glance around the workplace; you are there for the interview purpose. Take notice if the receptionist is happy-go-lucky and treats visitors amicably. Also, observe if workers seem satisfied or distressed. Evaluate the conduct of the interviewer. If he/she is not interviewing a candidate adequately and remains busy with other stuffs such as receiving phone calls, checking mails or shambling the resume, then it shows he/she has no respect for the position of candidate.

Lack of clarity about your duties and responsibilities

Other major symptom that shows that your job is not worth for you is lack of clarity about your duties and responsibilities. If you have not assigned any job title, then the job could be bogus and could affect you with stress later on. Such a sign is reflected in the interview, when different panel members describe different scope and job responsibility for the candidate. Be cautious when an employer doesn’t tell you about the basics.

Follow your gut feeling

Sometimes your gut feeling forbade you to do a job. Having trust in yourself is the most essential thing. It does happen that what you think, it comes out to be true. If you are not feeling associated with the job, don’t go ahead with the same.

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