50 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

by on August 16, 2010

Ask yourself, how good are you in doing things and how efficiently can you perform your task; that’s what measures productivity. Find out some ways to cope up with the errors/ loopholes in your day to day life and improve your productivity.

    1. To do list – Make a list, which prioritizes your tasks, as most important at the top and the least important at the bottom.
    2. Rest Pause – An experiment conducted by Elton Mayo on 6 girls working on relay assembly, proved that rest pauses increases your productivity.
    3. Focus – Set targets for your assignments and try to avoid the distraction from the cell phones, emails, etc.
    4. Early to bed and early to Rise – The old adage still holds true as it will make your life Healthy and organized.
    5. Avoid Procrastination – As it will minimize your burden at the later stages.
    6. Take Initiative – Work once started is half done, thus taking initiative should always be considered.
    7. Pat yourself for every achievement of yours – This boosts your morale and makes you feel good.
    8. Avoid monotony in work assignments – As that creates boredom.
    9. Be creative – Always try and come up with new and better ideas.
    10. Practice tough tasks – This will certainly bring you closer to perfection.

  1. Punctuality – It needs to be maintained at all times.
  2. Don’t switch from the task – Never leave a task undone, because that will again delay your work.
  3. Listen to your conscience – It will mostly guide you in right direction.
  4. Interrelate your activities- this will certainly ease your task, and also save your time
  5. Choose the right option – For work which is performed daily, try and find new ways to carry them out till the most suitable one is discovered.
  6. Be a team player – Preference to tasks which involve more people should be given. This brings out the team player aspect in you.
  7. Enjoy your work– as this makes the work less monotonous and make you fall in love your work
  8. Sleep – sufficient sleep adds to the positively and in turn increases your productivity.
  9. Identify your peak times – Know your prime time for productivity and optimize your work schedule accordingly, arrange your most important tasks at the peak time when you can deliver your best.
  10. Carry a handy note book and pen– you can always pen down your thoughts, as this will keep your subconscious mind, out of tension.
  11. A stitch in time saves nine.
  12. Speedy Broadband Connection – Search for a proper internet of Broadband connection, this will save time in surfing
  13. Redundant Calls – Calls that are not necessary should not be entertained.
  14. Online Shopping – It will avoid your commutation.
  15. Set standards – once the task is accomplished, compare and find out the difference between the actual and standard task.
  16. Prefer Work-from-home assignments – As it will save time and money.
  17. Switch off the TV – The idiot box is a hindrance in your assignments.
  18. Music soothes – Music lovers can listen to songs as per their taste, which proves to be soothing and relaxing and also acts as a stress buster.
  19. Listen to the Audio Book – While performing your daily errands, audio books can be listened to as this will enhance your knowledge as well as listening skills.
  20. Motivate yourself and others – It will improve your confidence, and will be reflected in your personality.
  21. Recognition – Perform those tasks, which will give you recognition.
  22. Self belongingness – While assigning tasks to others inculcate in them the feeling of belongingness, which enhances their morale and ultimately their productivity.
  23. Regular Workouts – Exercise relaxes your mind and body.
  24. Grocery List – Prepare a grocery list a week before to avoid time loss.
  25. Healthy Meals – Have proper meals, which keeps you fit and healthy and thereby increases productivity.
  26. Reward yourself – After every successful task, it is good to give yourself a treat. This inculcates the feel good factor.
  27. Typing speed – The sped of typing should be increased so as to finish your assignments before time.
  28. Turnaround time – Respect the deadline and try stick to a particular method
  29. Delegate – Shed some responsibility from your shoulders, through delegation.
  30. Random selection – Sometimes working against the systemic schedule also is fun.
  31. Simplify – Reduce the complexity of your projects.
  32. What next Think beforehand about the next assignment as soon as the previous one is over.
  33. Pace – Have a good pace and try to enhance it for prompt actions.
  34. Read -Try reading some stuffs while waiting for someone or, standing in a queue.
  35. Time for one self: Just think about yourself, your strength, weakness, your aims and goals.
  36. Unnecessary informationshould not be given space in your mind.
  37. No Interference Do a sole task, with full caliber without entertaining undue interference.
  38. Be true to yourself This brings out the best in you.
  39. A big No Try saying no to unnecessary assignments.
  40. Cropping Cut down the long–hour television shows to 40- 45 minutes.

Try these ways and enhance your performance as these will make your life more ease and organized. Your productivity will increase and your motivation levels would be sky high.

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