6 Ways to Spot a Scam

by on June 25, 2010

Ever received an email from the most humble human being on earth, saying he wants to transfer his million pounds to your bank account and will pay you some percent of that whooping amount? If you have, then don’t ever entertain such emails as they are known as the 401 fraud mails, if replied or followed these emails can land you into the Nigerian jail for being an accomplice in bank loot under Nigeria’s 401 penal code. Till now thousands of foolish people have been involved in this scam and around $32 billion has been stolen from banks. This is not the only scam that has been strolling your email accounts these days but several others too. That is why we are here to tell you how to spot a scam so that you don’t get caught in a mess.

How to spot a scam?

Too good to be true

fraud advertisement

If you get an email or advertisement displayed on internet  and promise you some services which are extraordinary beneficial, for e.g. a company assures you of your credit card settlement in $5 , then kindly check again as it clearly signifies a scam.

The offer is available for five more minutes

Limited time offer

If you ever come across any offer or money making schemes which compel you to take the decision in just five minutes. Ask him the reason for the hurry if there is some genuine reply then surely go for it otherwise, delete that scammer out from your list of contacts.

It is a very big secret

It's a secret

Always reminds me off the pranksters in schools who used to throw pranks on other kids and if caught should make a funny excuse and say it’s a big secret and you’ll get the benefit too. Well this kind of sentence comes up really often in my inbox, “Dear reader, I am highly obliged to tell you that you have won the country special 1 $billion lottery , kindly send us the following asked details, and don’t mention your big win to anybody as it is highly confidential ”. This is a pure scam never ever respond to such.

Be a good observer

Be a good observer

Always observe a person who comes up to you with a money making scheme, try to read his body language and ask as many questions as you can. Too many pauses or a discontinued or blabber kind of language gives a clear sign of scam. Too many umm’s and ahh’s or sorry’s give you a warning and its better that you take off.

The rich pranksters

Money baiting

Some person may call you as a representative of an international multimillion dollar company and tell you that they are interested in buying your property or some kind of object you’ve kept on sale through internet or any local advertising. They would tell you their money is stuck in a legal issue while transferring the money to your country and then they ask you to transfer a small amount of money around $700-$1000, so they can release the money and give it to you, when you transfer the money to their account, they will vanish like smoke in thin air and you can keep on ringing the phone number again and again to get no response. By fooling around people through this trick they crack some of the biggest scams of the history as no one minds paying few dollars for thousands of incoming cash. So, if you ever get a call from a rich dude and he says all this crap, you better beware.

One meeting is enough

No meeting please

A scammer always tries to avoid meeting in person, if required he will only show up once and if you ask him to meet again he will make lame excuses why he cannot meet you.

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Arpan Kar June 25, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Love the article. Its so true..


Shan June 25, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Very useful & complete info & tricks,Nice work!


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