20 Bad Tech Habits You Should Fix

by on November 25, 2010

The wonderful world of technology offers a multitude of bad habits free for adoption. These go far beyond the failure to back up your hard drive (although this one still makes the cut). We have rounded up 20 of the worst tech-vices for you to enjoy and, if the spirit takes you, learn from.

  1. The cake-taker is avoiding security software. Mindful schmindful, no matter how careful you are, antivirus software is an absolute necessity in avoiding malware.
  2. Number two on the list is failing to back up your computer. All hard drives crash eventually, and you will want to be prepared for the inevitable death of yours.
  3. This brings us to number three, which is failing to back up offsite. To ensure that backing up your data is actually worthwhile, make sure to store backups in multiple locations, with automatically backed up hard drives stored away from your computer.
  4. In the words of the wise, when it comes to replying to spam: just don’t. This includes clicking on the ‘remove me’ link. The spam filter will help you streamline the process of ignoring spammers.
  5. Number five, a less well-known sin, is moving your computer around while it’s on. Spinning hard drives can crash and overheat. Overheating can also occur when you use your laptop on a bed, as comforters and pillows block ventilation ports.
  6. The sixth not-so-deadly-but-pretty-close sin is printing everything. This is wasteful, particularly because you have digital records. Many forms even accept ‘digital signatures’.
  7. Taking your camera to the beach is sin number seven. Tempting as it is, one grain of sand can render a camera beyond repair. A waterproof case—or camera—is an acceptable solution
  8. Stealing a laptop from a car is like taking candy from a baby: resist temptation number eight!
  9. Hanging onto all your emails will make finding anything difficult. Organise, tag and delete to keep vice eleven at bay.
  10. Not learning keyboard shortcuts is a serious waste of time and effort. Sacrifice the laziness and begin with Ctrl+N.
  11. Delete your infrequently used programs. Stockpiling these just slows your computer down.
  12. No matter how tempting, resist waiting in line for tech gadgets. The device will work just as well—or better—24 hours after its release.
  13. Cut out the nasty habit of physically attacking your computer when you’re angry. It is definitely more infuriating to have to replace a computer.
  14. Try to stick to noteworthy places when checking-in with location-based services like Foursquare. The world doesn’t need to know every time you hit Wendy’s.
  15. Another habit is citing Wikipedia as a source. Scroll down to the footnotes to access the original sources, and to see if the information is credible.
  16. Boost your online privacy settings, and refrain from posting inappropriate pictures online for your boss to find.
  17. Using one password is a devastatingly bad habit. It only takes a single data leak to give a thief access to your entire life. Save the best passwords for the most important sites.
  18. Installing a PIN on your smartphone can protect you from all manners of theft and spamming. Failing to lock your smartphone is an easy habit to cut.
  19. Ignoring the details: read the specs and do web research to truly understand the difference between different classes of products before buying the more expensive one anyway.
  20. The last dirty habit, one which you may be tempted to succumb to here, is online commenting. Keep yourself in tech-style and direct your snarky retorts to Twitter.

Commonsensical as some of these may be, succumbing to certain bad habits can have permanent consequences for you and your business or career. Give some thought to the recommendations; perhaps the next time you consider putting up visual documentation or your Saturday kegger or using ‘password’ as your password you will think twice.

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Tim December 4, 2011 at 5:56 am

I am guilty at times of most of these.

in response to point 2 I can now say there are two kinds of people in this world.
1. Those that have lost their data and now backup
2. Those that are going to loose their data

Point 15 – I found it on the Internet. It has to be true!
Tim recently posted..How Many Megapixels does a CCTV Design need for IdentificationMy Profile


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