Top 20 Career Paths for College Students Who Want To Live Their Passion and Make Money

by on March 15, 2012

There are so many career paths a college student can take; the number can’t even be closely approximated. This can arouse a mental conflict in one’s mind when deciding what to go to college for. Of course, there are about a dozen questions that can eliminate thousands of occupations that you have to choose from. However, if you ask them to yourself in the wrong order, you are more likely than naught to end up in a career path you can’t enjoy. So what two factors make a perfect career path for college students? Passion and money. In the following sections, you will find 4 types of self-directing questions to understand which career path suits you and the top 20 careers which make the most money with short descriptions of what the career entails. To find the perfect, passion-filled and high paying career, simply connect the path you found from answering the questions, with the money making career that suits your field.

4 Self-Examination: Career Field Questions

Your future is history: In order to have a more distinct mindset of the occupational field that best suits you, you need to review your past. What did you say when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? What hobbies and interests have you sustained throughout the years? Where have you enjoyed volunteering at?

Research: No, I am not telling you to research your interests just yet. It’s important to ask yourself, what has caught your eye when surfing the web, reading a book or viewing the weekly Top 20 Career Paths for College Studentsnewspaper? What sort of information snaps your attention? How can you connect what you read to a possible career field? Do you love reading Forbes? Time? Men’s or Women’s Health magazine?

Reverse Psychology: Now that you have a bit more of an idea of what you are interested in, it’s safe to say that you can eliminate hundreds of career options by understanding what you are not interested in. What areas in your life have you felt set back? What sort of work do you see yourself having fear or apprehension? What grosses you out? Sewage? Maybe city planning isn’t quite the field for you. Are blood and organs repulsive? Becoming a doctor might not suit you. In order to reach your dream career, you have to stay out of the lanes that involve events, interactions, or feelings that you dislike and that will hold you back.

Shadow and Consulting: There are no better resources than talking to people in the career field you may be interested in and offering your free assistance to discover if you truly enjoy the field. This is not so much asking yourself a question, but asking others. Ask those closest to you what they may think best suits you. Ask a career counselor to give you an evaluation. Ask for a mentor or for an interview with someone in the job you think you may want to have.

Now that you have gained a greater insight to your particular interests and passions, use the following top 20 best paying jobs (In no particular order) to determine the best career path for you. The salaries are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and I suggest visiting the Bureau’s website in order to gain more insight on careers which is shared at the end. What it comes down to is that there is no greater career to have than the one which you can truly enjoy and make a lot of money from.

Top 20 Best Paying Careers

  1. Statistician – $39,740 – $117,190.

What They Do: Works with theoretical and applied statistics to measure, interpret, and describe the world and human activity patterns within it. Research intensive and involves intricate mathematical methods.

  1. Web Developer – $25.83 /hr – $61.95 /hr

What They Do: Research, design and develops World Wide Web applications. Operates both client side and server side content.

  1. Public Relations Specialist – $30,140 – $97,910

What They Do: Envelopes the art and technique of managing the connection between the organization and the public.

  1. Database Administrator – $41,000 – $104,070

What They Do: Involves the development and design of database management, improvement and expansion.

  1. Software Developer – $53,720 – $128,870

What They Do: Research, design, develop and test software for a particular programming task or objective.

  1. Meeting & Event Planner – $27,090 – $76,840

What They Do: Organizes and supervises the necessities of producing a systematized event.

  1. Accountant – $38,940 – $106,880

What They Do: Measure and provide assurance of financial information and is able to make decisions regarding the allocation of funds.

  1. Financial Advisor – $32,660 – $111,990

What They Do: Much like an accountant, a financial advisor provides financial advice in relation to investments, but in addition, they analyze the incomes of individuals and create a financial plan that incorporates the client’s goals.

  1. HR Specialist – $29,050 – $93,260

What They Do: Manages the workplace’s workers and human relations which specifically involves the finding, selecting, training and maintaining of employees.

  1. Occupational Therapist – $48,920 – $102,520

What They Do: Help rehabilitate people so that they can cope with everyday living situations.

  1. Physical Therapist – $53,620 – $107,920

What They Do: Works with clients to assist them in obtaining a competent and satisfied state in life by creating and using different activities and interventions to achieve overall greater function.

  1. Registered Nurse – $44,190 – $95,130

What They Do: In the simplest form they work with patients and families to achieve greater health and prevent negative health consequences.

  1. Product Marketing Director – $57,750 – $151,260

What They Do: Is the expert of handling and carrying out the product, pricing, place, promotion, packaging, positioning and people involved with the product.

  1. Physician Assistant – $57,450 – $117,720

What They Do: Is assigned to help prevent, maintain and treat human illness and injury under the supervision of a physician.

  1. Speech Therapist – $42,970 – $103,630

What They Do: Helps others become proficient in all aspects and components of language.

  1. Elementary Teacher – $34,390 – $80,140

What They Do: Fosters and directs the academic and social progress of children during their most influential years.

  1. Computer System Analyst – $48,360 – $119,070

What They Do: Analyzes and produces solutions to problems related to computer technology.

  1. IT Project Manager – $71,420 – $146,080

What They Do: Plans and executes the creation of a project in relation to software development life cycle, computer science and informational technology.

  1. Sales Director – $49,960 – $143,770

What They Do: Coordinate the sales goals and exercises of sales associates and organizes the distribution of the product.

  1. Network Security Consultant – $43,190 – $119,940

What They Do: Creates a collection of network designs that, comprised, offer support of cross-platform development of security measures for server and client-side applications.

Conclusive Career Insight

If you are going to attend college, you probably have one thing in mind. What’s the best career path for you and how are you going to pay back the loans you are going to take out to go to college. Too often the money being made in the career path you go to college for is not enough to pay off the debt you took to get that job. Now you don’t have to worry about not making enough or not doing what you love. For more information on specific careers, as before, I suggest visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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Gracie March 23, 2012 at 3:25 pm

There are a lot of school offer some great career..It helps to them to choose which is better one this article also really help..Thanks for the useful tips..
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Michael Stew July 31, 2012 at 5:36 pm

A good college degree is fundamental in providing you money after you graduate. It gives you the proper foundation to find the ideal work for you to earn money. You gave a pretty good list of works and possible salary that would be earned. I guess this is a good way to encourage college students to work hard and be focused in their studies. In my case, knowing the rewards at the end helped in inspiring me while I was a student and it did pay off. My only advice is to work hard, be focused, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be earning a good amount of cash. It’s an advantage to be financial stabled as soon as you’ve earned your degree.


Keith Swanson September 7, 2012 at 5:16 pm

As a parent, I do hope that this article would reach our youth today. Instead of just loitering the whole day and wasting the payment of tuition fee because of not studying well, imagine if all of the youth today will become professionals tomorrow.


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