How To Find Money For College

by on January 10, 2014

Looking for ways to find money for college? In today’s environment of skyrocketing tuition and funding cuts for education, “college student” has become synonymous with “flat broke.” To help out, here’s Financial Aid 101, including the first steps for beginners and suggestions for the veteran student with a year or two under the belt. First […]

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The College Board Advocacy and Policy Center estimates that college students spend $1,168 per year on textbooks. This staggering amount eats away at funds that can be used by students for fees, food, and other educational expenses. College students need not resort to ignoring required reading or dropping out of school entirely if textbook costs […]


Innovation or tradition? Tried-and-true or cutting edge? Which provides the superior college education, both academically and realistically: to attend a brick-and-mortar college, live in a dorm, eat at the cafeteria and cram for finals in the library, or to pursue a degree while working, raising a family, traveling the world, training for a marathon or […]


Is moving away from your hometown a stressful experience? How about leaving behind family and friends for a new city where you know no one? Starting a new school? New job? Sometimes going to college means all of those at once. To top it all off, the financial strain is enough to push a college […]


What kind of paycheck can you earn with a college degree? What kind of paycheck can you earn without one? The answers might surprise you. Overall, prospects are still better for those with bachelor’s degrees than those without any higher education. In July the unemployment rate was 8.7% for high school graduates, 7.1% for those […]


First and foremost, make it your biggest priority to not borrow money to go to school.  Loans can- and do- add up very quickly, and you can be in over your head before you even knew you were swimming, especially if you don’t pay attention to what kind of loans you are accepting.  It is […]


Best Money Advice For New Graduates

by on November 10, 2012

Good for you, you’ve graduated college! You have a diploma with your name on it and are now most likely being pushed into the deep end of the real world by your parents.  Do not be alarmed!  Pretty much every adult you know has been in your exact position and has survived. Get Money First […]


So, you’re in college and you are looking for a job on the side, you know, because you’re an adult now and you want spending money. Or beer money, or spring break money. Whatever your financial needs, there are some great places to begin looking for jobs that you can hold while still being a […]

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Unpaid internships are drastically losing appeal as the tuition costs rise. At the same time the expectation for college students to have an above average resume filled with distinct credentials in order to even be considered for a professional position rises. This means that students are expected to handle balancing school with a secure job. […]

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