Do you Blog or Leech?

by on September 2, 2011

Billions  and billions of internet searches are made everyday and still growing, this has given rise to a multi-billion dollar internet advertising business which has given opportunity for bloggers to make money from their blogs but autoblogs and content stealers are biting big chunk off the online advertising  . People are spending a significant amount of time on internet to stay connected with their friends, to send and receive data through emails and file sharing and hardly a day goes by that we don’t search any content on internet whether it’s in form of text, picture or a video. Most of the information gathered by the search engines is through personal and commercial blogs.

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Almost every regular internet user today owns a personal blog on at least. Those who own commercial domains for the purpose of generating income from their blog are the one’s who comprise to make up this blogosphere.

Elements of Blogosphere

This blogging community has both good and bad people in it. There are bloggers who spend a lot of time researching for content and dig out information which is of some value and worth sharing with others and then they have to compile the information and publish it and of course these are the good members of the blogosphere.

Example of Plagiarism

On the other hand we have people who setup autoblogs (An autoblog is a website where content is scraped from other websites through RSS, duplicating it or reproducing it cheaply without lending any credit to the original author who worked hours on it.) and leech traffic on same keywords which was on the first hand belonged to the genuine websites with unique content. It is indeed a shameful practice but it also degrades the quality of search results that appear on search engines.

Blogger’s Responsibility

As a commercial and professional blogger it’s your responsibility to provide your readers with authentic information which has some value and cannot be easily found anywhere else. Now you may think that what about those blogs who provide news updates on their blogs, how can they be different from other websites giving the same information. A news is a piece of information which is new and of significant to the others, if your are good blogger you will publish the news asap you get it from your source and also every writer has his/her own way of story telling, whereas an autoblog can publish even one month old news to stuff the website with keywords to get search engine benefits.

Professional bloggers earn their bread and butter from blogging so it’s their job to provide good content to their readers. You may succeed in earning few bucks by leeching content from others but you aren’t going to earn any respect either from the fellow bloggers or the readers. Plagiarism may seem the easy way out but let me tell you the road leads nowhere.

What If You Are Being Leeched?

If you come across any blog which is leeching your content (text, photo or video) then the first step you should do is to contact that person and ask him to remove your content from his website. If there is no action taken by the blog owner then you can file a DMCA complaint for the removal of the content from Google.

If someone is still managing to reproduce the content from your blog then there is not much you or anyone can do about it. Don’t let the leechers affect your quality of work. I know it sounds unfair but you don’t have to worry much about it as Google and other search engines face the same problem at a very massive scale and they are developing their algorithm to fight against plagiarism and also penalize those domains which are involved in such practices.

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Dr. Arpan Kar September 20, 2011 at 8:21 am

This is indeed a serious issue nowdays. Since protecting IPR is not easy, too much of quality content gets plagiarised. To the woe of original article contributors, this is actually even done by otherwise “renowned” blogs and then Google treats that older blog (possibly with a higher PR) as the original creator of the content.


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