Fast Hiring Jobs and How to Get One

by on May 21, 2012

The days when you could walk into a store, help out for a day, two days or even a month and get paid are sadly over. However, there are certain types of jobs that hire on the spot. Before you find what types of jobs are fast hiring, you need to have a certain set of qualities in order to get them.

Assertive: If you want to get hired quickly, you need to maintain a degree of assertion when communicating what you want. You can’t expect to just get handed an interview upon entering a store, but if you heavily, and wisely put the pressure on meeting face to face with the manager or store rep, your chances are more likely to score an interview.

Persistence: Giving assertiveness one shot may not get you the job immediately. You will have to maintain the determination to get the job by communicating to everyone available until you get what you want. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Of course, remember to also play it safe. If you put too much pressure, your chain will break and a squeaky wheel won’t matter.

Passion: Simply put, you have to want it and it has to show. This is seen through your enthusiasm, your mindset in making improvements and your ability to be creative with it. If you have this quality, you may not even need the others if it shows enough to the employer.

Just What They Need: Are you trying to get the job for you or for them? You have to make them aware that they need you, your ideas and talent. You will get hired if you fulfill their needs and in turn, they fulfill yours, but not the other way around.

If you apply these four qualities to the job you want you can get hired on the spot or score a follow-up interview. While this can be used to be quickly hired at the job of your choice, the following list of jobs are the ones who actually hire new employees rapidly. If you are looking to get hired quickly, these are the places to search.

Fast Food Worker: The rate of turnover is so large that if you even show a slight sign of the four qualities listed above, you can get hired on the spot. Most of the time, you can speak directly to the manager that is there and have an interview.

Farmers Market Helper: If you have a local farmers market in the area, you can visit different stands not only to get food but also to get a job at the booth. While this clearly won’t be a full time job, it is a quick way to get an extra flow of cash.

Server: Very much like the fast food worker, the rate of turnover for servers is astounding. The great aspect of becoming a server is that you have such a large variety of options: bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. The amount of money you can make from this fast hiring job also varies too depending on the rating of the location you will be serving at.

Language Teacher: While English language teachers are the most sought after, you can quickly be hired for either a language teaching position or a tutoring position. Both of which make the hours you want to contribute to it flexible.

Personal Trainer is a Fast Hiring Job

Personal Fitness Trainer: It may require a couple months of intense studying and an exam, but after that you can get hired on the spot at a local gym. The pay is great since it is the result of your effort, not your time.

Software/Programmers/Virtual Assistant: Both private employers and software companies are on the constant prowl for efficient webmasters, software developers, technicians, programmers, virtual assistants, etc. The more experience you have working in the field, the quicker the hire and the higher the pay.

Freelancer: A night spent searching websites that promote ads of people seeking freelance workers and writers can get you a job the very next day. This is a broad category and can have you doing various tasks but will generally maintain a focus on writing. Experience in graphic design and social media is always a boost.

Health Care Service: There is a huge spike in the need for health care services both in hospitals and homes. The more you want to take care of other people, the easier it will be for you to get hired swiftly.

Job Fairs: Similar to Farmers Market opportunities, you can promptly get hired to run a game, a booth or food stall at the local, county, or state fair. It’s good to have a background in sales since your wage may be based on the amount of money you take in.

Fast Hiring Jobs: A perfect place to search for immediate employment is your local employment agency. They will often hire one time, frequent, and short-term jobs immediately. Depending on your skill set you go in with and the four qualities mentioned at the beginning, you may also find yourself in a full time position by the following week. Another available option is to search on Craigslist for people advertising immediate assistance. While it may not provide you with a long term job, you can get hired and paid promptly.

Acquiring a job that hires quickly, even on the spot, is strictly dependant on the effort you put in and the previous experience you have had. You don’t necessarily need to provide a resume to the employer if you manage to show the four qualities of assertiveness, persistence, passion and being exactly what they need. If you have what it takes to apply these qualities, you may not even need to go after a common fast hiring job. You have the ability to go after the job you really want.

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Find A Job May 22, 2012 at 11:12 am

It’s always good to connect with staffing agencies as well. Sure they have a bad rap but they know everything about who is hiring. I would try and build a relationship with as many staffing agencies in town that I possibly could. They aggravate employers on a daily basis trying to gain their business and stay in the know if they are hiring. This is why staffing agencies are great for at the least knowing who is hiring.


eUkhost-UK Web Hosting May 24, 2012 at 8:42 am

Great all your tips are awesome to get a really good job. I think one should sit and think over all it to get good out of it.


Lucas Bowen May 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

Enjoyed your blog entry and agree – in principle – persistence and especially passion is mostly appreciated. But (mine at least). Everything with a balance. One can be too persistent, too assertive which may backlash and leave a prospective employer tick off. It’s a matter of balancing and situational feel. But then again those who dare win.
Keep blogging.
What are your thoughts on the relevance of interview follow up and sending thank you notes?
Cheers, Lucas


Catherine Newton July 11, 2012 at 12:04 am

This is very helpful for people who are looking for better jobs. It is informative and educational. Thank you for posting.


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