How to File For Unemployment Compensation

by on February 22, 2011

You can file for unemployment compensation the moment you are terminated from your job. The filing procedure does not require you to pay a visit to unemployment office as this procedure can be carried out over the phone or online.

Filing for unemployment compensation is easy, as you can apply for unemployment insurance benefits by visiting your states website and filing the request. This site also enables people to check weekly benefits and also to check the update on the existing unemployment compensation.

In California, the procedure can be followed online wherein you have to fill a form. Thereafter, you will receive a form that has to be printed and mailed and this filing can also be done over the phone.

One will be asked to open an account to file the claim; this account can be used to check the future status of compensations and will also help to apply for benefits.

State-wise Filing

In case of having residence in one state and working in another, you have to file for the unemployment compensation in the state where you have worked. If you have worked in various states other than your residence state, consult the unemployment office of your residence state, as they will guide you through the procedure. Before applying for the claim, ensure you take advice of the State Unemployment Office on the best way to file your claim.

Different states have different policies and procedures. Following are a few details you have to provide: Address with zip code, contact number, social Security Number, driving license, veteran/military separation date, name/addresses of previous employers, employers federal ID number, period of term served with them and earnings.

Questions that may be Asked

You may be asked several questions before you file for the unemployment compensation. Here are a few mentioned to help you out during the process: They may ask you whether you want the tax to be deducted from your unemployment pay or did you acquire a vacation or holiday pay. You may be asked the reason behind your leaving the previous. The reason has to be valid and should no way be your fault. If you lack a good cause or were fired due to misconduct, if such issues are related to your termination, then the process will be long and more difficult. The unemployment officer will look into all the reasons behind your leaving the job and your performance.

If there was no mistake of yours and were fired without any good reason, then you will have no problem with the proceedings. To attain the compensation, you have to make your case strong and have to make it convincing so that you get approval. Anyhow, if your claim is rejected, you will have an option to plead your case.

Filing for Benefits

After successfully filing your claim, you will be given an option to check your account weekly and request for benefits. One can even check the date when the check was mailed and can also see the compensation you are left with.

Unemployment Benefits in Different Countries

Not all countries provide compensation to unemployed people. The compensation paid to help you cover your basic necessities of life until you find a new job.


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