How to free your Credit Card from Annual Charges

by on February 9, 2011

A credit card can become a burden if you do not go through the terms and conditions mentioned on the documents. If you handle your credit card smartly you can always use it free, without paying any additional annual fee.

  1. Always choose a card with zero maintenance charges: While getting a credit always ensures that, the credit card is free from any annual maintenance charges. There are many credit cards in the market, which, have annual maintenance charges. If this minimum amount is apart from your usage than you will be having a tough time keeping your card free.
  2. Always make sure regarding the grace period: Always ensure from your credit card vendor about the late fees and interest rates before going for a card. Some credit card places a fine if you are late in clearing your debt. Always remember that to use your credit card free always send full balance amount before the due date.
  3. Do not cross your credit limit: Every credit card has a particular fixed credit limit. If you cross this limit then you are charged a penalty. Always try to stay within your credit limit. It is always better to limit your expenses rather than have penalties.
  4. Always pay on time: You shall always clear your credit card balance within the time mentioned by the organization. Failing to this can put you in rick of penalty and high interest rates.
  5. Always make sure you have adequate funds in your bank before you draw a cheque: Always make sure that your bank has adequate funds to clear your credit balance. In cases of cheque bouncing you are liable for a penalty.
  6. Never try to cash advance and balance transfers: These procedures attract fees. Whenever you proceed for transfers, you will automatically be charged a nominal amount. Now if you make cash advances and balance transfers then the charges will be implemented on your account. You can also be penalized for these measures.  Always try to be safe on your part by paying your credit bills in time. You have to bear the extra cost due to the interest rates. These rates will never allow you to keep your credit card free.
  7. Read your credit card agreement very carefully: You shall always read your credit card agreement policy before taking the card. Always read the additional information on the interest rates and the payment window. Always re-check that the card does not have an additional surcharge or maintenance fees. Read all the credit card disclosures. Check the credit limit and also check the cash advance and balance transfer charges. Before having the credit card, you shall know everything related to it.

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