How to Get a Job After Being Fired

by on December 7, 2010

While dealing with the circumstances after you have been fired is a difficult situation to face however if you deal with it quite strategically you can deal with it quite effectively. And moreover it is very important for you to do so as it helps you get back to the workforce again.

Accept things that have been happening to you: If in case you have not been able to make peace with your past you will not be able to move ahead. It does not really matter if you were at fault or not because you have to find a positive way ahead.

  • Make things very clear for example in case of wrongful termination make things very clear so that it does not hinder you from moving on the next level. You might or might not have been at fault, accept things, for this will help you accept the life and the job which is coming next for you.
  • If you are being rejected from most of the jobs you apply in, don’t be ashamed of it. Since lay-offs are typically financially or strategically motivated, therefore if you case too was something of this sort make it very clear before the employer. This will help you portray a very honest and clear cut picture which means better opportunity and chance.
Man Fired from Job
  • If it has been a bulk firing and has happened to many others like you, then you must not be scared or ashamed as it was a “lay-off”, which is more and more common in today’s corporate world. Several companies are seen to opt for lay off and hence this is likely to act as an excuse for you.
  •  It has been seen that in most of the Companies, firing off is just a way of conducting lay-offs and therefore if in case your employer gives you a generalized reason, do not be upset. If this has happened to others too in the same Company, then it is very important for you to know that it has little to do with you instead it is a strategy of the Company
  •  Make use of the lay-off situation and if in case many others too were laid off along with you then use this as a way of explaining that the company had been laying off employees for some time.

Consider the industry in which you want to work:

There is no compulsion that you have to stay in the very same filed in which you have been working so far. Research well and find out if you are eligible or capable enough for a new job hunt the prospects and go for it refreshed. There are several other things too which are likely to fit in your job profile and therefore search for some other prospects too.

Accept the work which is involved in finding a new job.

Looking for a new job is a job in itself. Invest time, do proper research work, hunt for vacancies, prepare your resume and talk to people about the same. Contribute a few hours every day looking for an ideal job which fits your best. Know one thing that you will have to do a lot of hard work to look for an ideal job.

Trim your resume:

Make a new resume and while doing so put in extra time to frame it again. Know this thing very clear that your resume is not in a very good shape, for the first thing you should be doing is fixing it up.


While family and friends network is to be considered first do not forget to other people as well to know if they have jobs available or if they can prove to be of some help somehow. Take a look back at the references as well it is likely that they might have something is store for you.

Submitting the application

  • Make sure that you do not mention in your resume that you had been fired.
  • When asked the reason of your leaving the previous job, simply write ‘would like to discuss in person’, or ‘job ended’ or ‘terminated’.
  • If you had been fired within a few days or weeks of your joining, then there is no need to even mention this in your experience. It is good for you to take it as a trial period rather than a real job.



  • Prepare yourself firmly as this is the time when they are likely to ask you the reason you were fired. Practise and know what reasons you are going to put forth.
  • While you are telling the interviewer that you had been fired make sure that you are honest enough to accept the truth.
  • Do not talk poorly of your job loss. Tell them you had great hopes from the job and that you had planned to leave only after retirement however as a result of downsizing you turned out to be unfortunate.
  • Do not tell long stories and make it very short when you are telling the interviewer about the tale of your firing.

Make use of references

  • You are likely to be one step close to your job search if you take the help of your colleagues or the management level staff. Ask them if they can give a reference and can present a positive overview of your departure.
  • It’s not really important to be honest and tell your interviewer about you being fired as there are very less chances that the interviewer would call and confirm it with your colleagues. Therefore admitting things will not really be a very good thing to do.
  • Most of the reference calls shall only put forth the dates for which you had been working with the company. So do not be too pushy and confident about giving and pushing references.

Be very practical during job search

It is not really necessary that every interview you go through will be positive. Be very confident but do not be over confident and be ready to face the consequences.

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