Are You a Good Blogger? 8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

by on March 24, 2011

The term blogging is no more just a fancy term, it’s become more common and there are millions and millions of blogs online and millions adding up every day. A blog now is not just a personal website but a tool for regular source of income for many. The competition is  immense and the opportunities to grow in blogging is getting slimmer day by day.

Blogging is a new business model for sure but it’s very different from any other business locally. The changes here are very rapid and it’s not easy to keep your pace up with the changing technology on blogging and search engine marketing strategies.

In this competitive arena when everybody is fighting for a survival, only a few manage to create a unique identity for themselves. As if now online content seems to be the future of the internet, so it’s important to test yourself where you stand and what are your areas for improvement. I prepared a list of questions which popped into my mind when I asked myself “If I’m a good blogger or not”.

The difference between good and the best is just a little extra effort.

What are you blogging for?

The most obvious answer would be money. Yes, money is an important aspect of blogging but it’s an extrinsic motivating factor. Which means it will only keep you interested as long as the desired money is flowing.

You need an intrinsic motivating factor which will keep you going even in the rough times as well. When you do something you love to do, an hour will feel like five minutes and when you do something you are not fond of  then five minutes may seem like an hour.

When you love your work there is always a willingness to excel your past work. There is a constant desire to do better and better.

Are you only writing for Google?

If your strategy was to get lots of pages indexed in Google by throwing low quality content then I guess this strategy won’t take you to too far, if blogging is concerned. Google has also realized this fact and that is why it recently came up with new algorithm to scrutinize the content mills which produce low quality content and only target competitive keywords.

There is nothing wrong in researching keywords and producing content to rank your website for those keywords but there has to be a balance between keywords targeted content and readers targeted content.

Do you strive for quality?

By quality I don’t mean an article has to be grammatically perfect but should be rich in content and information. When writing a blog post try to make sure you cover all the point related to that topic and the article shall be good enough to answer the most of the doubts which may be in a readers mind.

Writing an article just for the sake of updating blog will only lower your blog readership.

Are you still a keen learner or a self proclaimed guru?

It is extremely important as a blogger to keep ourself updated with the new information and changes in the technology. Something new comes up almost every day, you cannot keep your mind closed and only mind your own business. To keep the road of growth open, you have to know the online trends and new online businesses occupying spaces. Follow the updates of the influential bloggers and share it with others.

If you think you already know enough and there not enough left for you to learn then that will close your mind to possible business opportunities that may come your way. When you are open to learning new things, you will have new content to share on your blog.

Do you research about the stuff you write about?

A good blogger digs deep into information from multiple sources and studies them properly to present a high quality rich with detailed information, while other just pick a source and rewrite the article.

Researching about some information can be highly time consuming but it’s worth it, if you want to keep your blog amongst one of the best.

Do you steal content?

By stealing someone’s else’s content you are not only damaging your own blog and this kind of practice will not earn you any sort of reputation in blogosphere.

If you find a compelling content on any blog which you think is worth sharing with other via your blog then first take the permission of the original author and always mention the original source of the article, it’s one way of appreciating someone’s hard work.

What do you think of your competitors? Do you respect or envy their achievement?

The best thing you can do is study your competitor and learn from him. See what your competitors have done right to accomplish the present level and also see what mistakes they made while they were starting up. Follow what your competitors did right and avoid the mistakes they made.

Jealousy is a negative emotion which will only hinder your path of success. So don’t think of your competitor as an enemy but as a source to learn from and respect their achievements.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Set yourself a realistic target based on your present and expected growth. The future does not come with a guarantee but we have to be positive about our work and keep moving on.

Good things in life take time to happen, so have patience.

No one is perfect in any aspect of the life and it’s important to keep learning and keep growing. Bloggers have a platform where they can share their personal experiences to  inspire others to grow.

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