Google and Bing to provide Music search and Download

by on July 6, 2010

Google and Bing are boasting these days about their new addition, the much rumored, Live music streaming. With the increase of competition in order to acquire more users and rule the internet, the net biggies like Microsoft and Google  these days are trying hard to increase there search engine efficiency by making it more user friendly.

In an effort to raise the traffic, last year Microsoft launched a new entertainment segment into its search engine Bing, which made full track streaming from Zune possible, followed by which the Internet Maestro Google also brought in a similar entertainment tool which is planned to be launched soon, giving an extra edge to its search audience all over the globe.

It is also being rumored that Google will soon be launching its Music Download service, later this year, Which is kind of more advanced than the current music searches that are linked through MySpace music and twitter feeds.

Google and Bing turn to Music

There are still confusions though, regarding what exactly is this music search will be about, But at a developers conference in may, Google announced that there will be a new addition to its search engine recognized as Simplify Media, a technology that synchs content, which will be used for the automated synching and streaming of purchased music online to any Android Phone equipped wit the technology.

So far it has been referred as an aggressive effort by the music industry, and have already issued a takedown notice against Google, demanding to remove 17 links of its songs from third party websites under the infringement law. Considering the current copyright and music infringement policies, Google’s current developments can definitely lead to a lot more of such cases from many more music labels and publishers in the coming days, as predicted by the Net Onlookers.

With Microsoft’s Bing creating some interesting waves in the search algorithm, Google is also trying hard to match the standards. According to a recent research from Experian Hitwise firm, Google’s search engine backed a market share of 72 percent with yahoo at second place gutting around 15 percent followed by Bing on the third position by 9 percent. But after all this hard work and efforts and new packages when it comes to music, all the biggies still are under Apple’s Shade, which still has its hold over 70 percent of the digital music download sales all over the United States.

(Source: Reuters News Service.)

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