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by on August 25, 2010

In today’s ever-changing environment, everyone strives to have the highest paying career in their lifetime. Since the time we are born, our parents want us to have the best possible qualifications in order to survive in this highly competitive world. Many parents coerce us into taking such streams in college, which eventually will fetch a lofty salary at the end of the month. Also, due to the pressures of the rising cost of living, everyone wants to start big at the beginning of their career. However, today, there are innumerable options to choose from. Following are some of the high paying career options, which certainly provide the extra edge for a successful life:

  1. Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner: At present, this is certainly the most demanded career. There is a dearth of skilled nurses in many countries like Canada, UK and they are always looking for proficient nurses. Nurses also draw hefty starting salary of about $67,166.
  2. Investment Banker: This field is like a hot potato, not everyone can do this. To excel in the investment field, he/she should be excellent with numbers and capable of doing complex calculations, and if one is good at it, then banking is one of the best high paying careers. The average starting salary is around $59,084.
  3. Veterinary Doctors: You rush to an eminent vet, when your pet dog or cat is under the weather. Veterinary experts take care of all problems related to animals and with increasing number of people preferring to have pets; veterinarians are surely in demand and are drawing handsome salaries. They generally start their career at $59,084.
  4. Software Engineers: Software engineers are involved in designing, implementation and modifications of high quality software. Computer analysts, computer networking, software testers (both automation and manual) are some of the highly paid fields. The average starting package for a software engineer is more than $56,795.
  5. Forensic Computer Experts: Due to burgeoning rate of cyber crime, forensic experts are in great demand. Although this is a relatively new career, many people are opting for it. The average starting earnings for a forensic analyst could start from $51,852.
  6. Business Analyst: Organizing and designing a business is the job of a business analyst. They are mainly hired in banks and other financial establishments. This career is also in the list of highly paid career fields. The starting pay package for a business analyst could be $50,727.
  7. Chemical Engineering: The annual salary of a chemical engineer is upwards of $65k. This is one tough career to break into as it requires you to learn more about sartorius scales, physics, maths, microbiology and biochemistry.
  8. Computer Science: It’s a vast career that deals with gaming, internet, algorithmic processes, computer graphics, computer security etc. The average salary is upwards of $60k / annum.
  9. Surgeon: The annual salary of a surgeon is easily above $200, 000 / year. The salary of an orthopedic and neurosurgeons can be upward of $500, 000 annually.
  10. Psychiatrists: This is a very less crowded occupation but not an easy one by any means. The psychiatrists do receive a handsome salary of $165, 000 and above per year.

Apart from these above-mentioned careers, there are many other fields which pay good money. The only thing one has to ensure is to keep pace with the evolving market and also to keep upgrading the skills, so as to grab the right opportunity.

In addition to the required dexterity, perseverance and dedication towards your work are also necessary to be successful in one’s career.

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Adam July 25, 2012 at 2:12 am

That is a pretty good list of possible jobs to have after going to college or a university. It is interesting to see psychiatry on the list and not an attorney though. I guess the world needs more psychiatrists to take care of all the attorneys who are stressed out.


Tori Sanchez September 4, 2012 at 1:17 pm

When you were in high school you dream of having your desired course for college. Maybe, you wanted to be an architect, engineer, journalist, writer, scientists etc. These seems to be a very fun field but nowadays, we should be more realistic. The world needs more workers. If you wanted an immediate job after college you have to consider what ‘workers’ this world needs.


Andrew November 18, 2013 at 4:47 pm

Hi Chris,
These are definitely the best career fields to go into. Many of which get great improvements over time. Like with surgeons and computer scientists, they can both start their own businesses and eventually become millionaires. Thanks for posting this,


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