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by on December 14, 2010

Marketing strategies for small-scale businesses are generally based on the same principles as marketing strategies for conglomerates. The overall aim of marketing is revenue optimization by successfully advertizing ones commodities. In line with capitalistic, free market competition, consumers should know not only what is available out there but what the values is of certain products over others. Manifold ways can lead you to accomplish this aim, no matter if you are able to invest billions or just a few extra bucks.

In order to let your service or product appear to be outstanding and unique in value, make yourself familiar with the following useful concepts and terms from the field of marketing. The upcoming list represents an overview about twelve basics that might assist you during your first marketing attempts.

Home Business Marketing

Public Relations

The strategy of PR includes a variety of activities that aim to establish a good reputation of your business such as being presented in the public and business sphere. Most commonly, dominant representation can be achieved with help of the media, business fares and business conferences. Sometimes press work must be accomplished within PR by handing out written statements to or arranging interviews with the press.

Press releases

You should always try to catch journalists’ attention for a story on your business. Articles on your enterprise represent one of the most effective advertizing strategies that additionally come gratis. Otherwise, you might invest in hiring professional writers that formulate and get your press releases published.


Market Research

Always observe and investigate the market or industry of your product or service as detailed as possible. This includes the knowledge on prices, on your demographic groups of clients and on the product ranges of competing enterprises. In Market Research, executives use strategies such as the distribution of test samples of their products with subsequent customer surveys.

Marketing collateral

Marketing collateral refers to the amount of information on a company produced by its combined marketing efforts. This information might be distributed through leaflets, brochures, statistics lists or reports and resemble pure information on the company’s benefits, advantages, outstanding value and uniqueness in comparison with its rivals.


Positioning means to locate a product or service at an ideal position on the market where it overshadows its competitors. By creating a certain customer association with your business and its commodities, you might achieve the goal to exactly shape how positively the clients perceive the product


The brand of a company might be its name, logo or slogan that immediately makes the client identify with the related product. Brands establish product awareness. A famous example of branding is the use of the Apple logo for the homonymous IT Company.


Distribution implies to strategically choose methods that bridge the gap between your products and your customers. Considerations such as how to distribute a commodity –over the internet, in a retail store or via a catalogue – must be carefully thought through. That means to conduct research on the best ways of distribution before making concrete decisions.

Marketing campaign

Additional to general marketing strategies, businesses might conduct a timely limited marketing campaign that aims to target a greater variety of potential clients. Make sure that every campaign must be evaluated carefully in order to obtain future knowledge on consumer perceptions on the marketing efforts and success.

Lead generation

Lead generation refers to the accumulation of a contact stock of potential clients or consumers of your businesses’ services or products.

Cold calling

The strategy of cold calling implies to achieve an extension of the range of your customers by seeking the talk with potential targets either face-to-face or on the phone. You should always keep in mind that the success of this strategy depends on the commodities or services you provide. If you’re looking for an answering service in Juneau Alaska, we highly recommend CallNET Answering Service, which you can learn more about at https://callnetcorp.com/answering-service-juneau-ak/.

Guerrilla marketing

The term guerilla marketing describes the marketing strategy to invest merely a low budget but maintain high results from marketing efforts. This strategy is especially recommended to small businesses with low marketing investment capital but great need to become well-known.

Internet marketing

Within internet marketing, you might use the advantages of the World Wide Web to market your commodities. Keep in mind that internet marketing requires technical know-how on technical strategies such as SEO, infographics post, Web publishing or search engine marketing.

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