How to Act When You Are Pulled Over by the Police

by on September 6, 2010

Sometimes you may not know the reason that caused you to get pulled over by the police. It may be due to exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, disregarding the traffic rules, taking a wrong turn or the police may need to check your license and the registration. In the USA, the road rules are governed by many acts and laws and the volition of speed limit, driving regardless of the traffic lights may be the most common reasons to get pulled over. Whatever the reason that cause you to get pulled over, you are bound to be anxious and nervous, even in the situations where you have not done anything wrong.

By following the below mentioned tips you will be able to face the situation of being pulled over with more confident, and it would cause to keep the complications at bay.

Calm yourself: Actually, you would be nervous as soon as you get pulled over. The initial step is to be relaxed and just show the cops that you are going to pull over the car in near distance by using the accurate signals. If you are more scared, you may look drunk even if you are not the inebriated state. If you are unable to pacify yourself it may convey a suspicious sense to the police and it would cause to have more troubles. Also you should ensure that the police do not get the impression that you are not in a hurry.

Don’t speak first: As the officers reach your car, roll down the windows of the car and be ready with driving license. If you show them more respect and give them the signs that you are a trustworthy person, they will respond in a respectful manner. You should not start speaking first as it may cause to convince them that you are going to mislead them. Further, you should answer the questions only asked by officers and you should not ask questions as “why did you stop my car?”

Give short and direct answers: If you are going to give more explanations for your fault, it may turn the situation into a bitter one. You should give direct, clear and short answers with more confidence, as extended answers cause to have many complications, which can confuse the police.

Don’t argue: Sometimes you may have to pay a fine though you haven’t done anything wrong. But, it is not wise to make rude arguments to explain your stance and it’s better to give the justifications in a very polite manner.

The confidence and respect you display towards the officers would make it easier to face the excited situation, as the officers realize that you are a law abiding person. Your poise and calm would reflect that you value the law and the officers and would help you to face the situation in a dignified manner.

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Greg July 20, 2011 at 2:58 am

“sometimes you may have to pay a fine though you
haven’t done anything wrong” – sorry, but this is BS!
We call that corruption in Australia!


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