How to Conquer Your Dream Job?

by on June 16, 2010

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a scientist, and then came the different stages of my life with of course different kinds of professions too, by the time I reached my high school I was 100 percent sure that I’ll be a doctor but it faded away as soon as the sun came up. Then while I was in my college I decided I’ll do what I love and here I am earning my bread n butter through a thing which I loved to do the most. People often run after many famed professions like doctor or engineer but in this race of being on the top they choose the wrong list. Obviously just for the sake of earning big money they go for management courses or doctorates but in this spree they forget what they are good at. Why don’t we turn the pages and see for ourselves, the most happiest and successful people on earth are those who are doing what they love the most. So if you start doing what you love and make that your dream job then money wouldn’t make any difference as you’ll be just doing fine with it. But For this you have to ask few questions to yourself, what you want to do? What you enjoy doing the most? Here are some things which one should do and should think about if he doesn’t want to land in a job that gives him money but no sense of establishment in life.

Do the “Your Dream Job Quiz

This is the first and the most important step, one has to take if he really wants a job which never leaves him in boredom. Ask yourself questions and write there answers so that you know and are sure of what exactly you want. What is it that you love doing the most? Which thing you can do all the time? What’s your Hobby? Well these are only few questions amongst the long list which you have to answer yourself. So start doing that at the time of searching a job and deciding a career line for you.

Go through the Industry trends

After you are done with searching the niche of your profession, start studying it and its trends. You have to be thorough with the field of your job so that you can then categorize it further and finalize the exact position or department you would want to join in, for e.g. if you are interested in media then you should be aware of what exactly you are interested in whether it is the entertainment or infotainment part of media you’ll be tuning in for.

Understand the present scenarios

After you are done with the research part and are sure of what your job will be like then enter the land of war. Go in a more deep research and find out what exactly goes on and how are things working in there, meet people who are in the same profession train yourself according to the job requirements, but while you are doing these things don’t forget that this is what gives you happiness and you are sure that you’ll be able to cope up with the pressures and challenges as you love your job. In case you are not enjoying the training part or feeling too messed up then think again and search for more options.


After you are done with the training part and you have found out your weaknesses and strengths plan your next step. As now you know what you lack in? You have to prepare yourself and have to overcome your weakness with required education or training under a particular time period. So plan that training period and try to achieve all the goals you’ve been trying to achieve.

Conquer That Interview

well this is the final destination of your mission you are now prepared and ready and confident about your aim that is your dream job, so what are you waiting for go and grab it.

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R4i June 25, 2010 at 3:31 am

Or forgetting the most brave step of all – creating your dream job! 😉


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