How to Detect Lying

by on November 10, 2010

Though the indicators are not foolproof, yet in most of the cases body language and facial expressions tend to be good indicators to detect when a person is lying. These indicators help you know if something is wrong and warn you to be alert.

The postures, movements and facials expressions often show some signs of stress whenever a person lies. When we say so, of course we are talking about normal people and not the psychotic ones. It has though been seen that when a person actually wants to tell a story, this stress might not be as visible as in other cases.

When a normal person tells a truth, his expressions are quite different as to when he lies. But when people lie they often do it with some difference in expressions and movements.

You might notice some delay in response when asked a question, when the other person is lying. Truthful answers generally come sooner than lies.

When in person, the person who is lying is likely to act like this:

  1. Might talk in a higher pitch
  2. Some delay in response
  3. Some stiffness in body and face
  4. Begin to rub nose and cover mouth
  5. Show signs of high stress like the hands and face start to look pale
  6. Widening of the nostrils
  7. Audible breathing, deeper breathing
  8. Tightening of the lips
  9. Body taking up lesser space
  10. Tightening of the area between the forehead and the eye brows
  11. Breaking of the eye contact
  12. Increased heart rate
  13. Closed palms

Lying to serve a need

It has also been seen that people lie to serve a need, which is not at all a bad thing to do. Some lies are told so as to increase their importance, while the others to escape from a situation. As long as that lie does no harm to the other person, it is somewhat fine to lie.

Lying and flirting

Often when people flirt with each other, they are seen lying. But these lies often are for the purpose of fun. Also when in such cases, a person tells the truth, he/ she are blocked from getting what he/she wishes to have.

Not really an easy thing to do

It is in fact very easy to find out when the other person is lying. You will see that the liar often starts to talk in a monotonous tone and forgets to use pronouns. In an attempt to calm down the situation, that person often tends to become quiet and stops the expected normal body movements.

You are likely to witness mispronunciations, stutter and a defensive attitude, when the person before you is lying.

Reason behind lying

All this can be attributed to evolution as it has been said that all our ancestors have survived by lying and the ones who did not have the knack to lie died off.

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