How To Find And Get Summer Farm Jobs

by on May 29, 2012

Summer farm jobs and internships, ranging from vegetable picking, working with animals and manual labor are a great choice for people who want to be outside, get fit and enjoy the farm life. It is an even greater opportunity to those who live deep in the city away from farmland and for students looking for seasonal work during their free time. The thing to know right away about getting a job at a farm is that they could always use extra help. The need for farm workers increases during peak farming seasons, but there is always work to be done in the down season.

While the range of the need for help varies, the length of hours that you can expect to work always averages at “a very long time”. Summer farm jobs can require you to put in very long hours to get the job done.

summer farm jobsOne subject to consider before going on the prowl for a summer farm job is the kind of work you want to do and the type of work that will be expected. Below are a handful of tasks that most farm jobs will require you to do.

  • turning out and bringing in horses/goats/pigs/other farm animals
  • emptying and filling water and food buckets and tubs
  • mucking stalls and bedding them
  • sweeping, cleaning, washing, spraying down
  • watering and cultivating
  • picking fields/driving tractor
  • minor repairs and maintenance
  • loading/unloading hay, straw and feed

While these are just a few of the kinds of tasks you will need to perform, you can always expect to do more than you think. If you are there, and they need help, they are going to call on you.

Now, one last thing to consider before learning how to get a summer farm job is the characteristics that farms look for. Of course, you need to be a hard worker, but you also need to be self-directing, motivated, trustworthy and patient. If you have these qualities then you will have no problem remaining efficient in order to keep the job.

Finding Summer Farm Jobs

You likely have had trouble finding summer farm jobs online. The reason is that very few farmers use the internet to post jobs or apprenticeships. To put it simply, they are old school. That means you will have to remain traditional with your approach and begin by looking in the paper, talking to people in the community and keeping an eye out for postings at stores where farmers typically go to get supplies.

To get a farming job, you have to discover a way to get connected with the farming community. You can do this by visiting the local farmers market and talking with the sellers at their booths and ask if they need any farm help. You can also make the connection by volunteering at a local animal shelter to gain some farm-related credentials and make connections. As stated earlier, farmers use traditional methods of communication. This means that you can also post signs at stores or in the paper that you are looking for a farming job. When making a notice to farmers, remember that one of the biggest problems for farms looking for workers is reliability. Make it clear that you can be counted on and you can be sure you will get a call.

While the internet is not the greatest source to find a summer farm job, you can still search on Craigslist and Google farms in your area. You can also post a resume on Craigslist stating that you are searching for a farming job. Also, there is one type of farming that is easier to find on the internet – organic farming. Organic farms need to remain in the public eye to maintain funding so it is much easier to get in contact with them via the web.

The last option is to simply go to a farm and offer free help. You can eventually work for a wage or get in contact with other farmers that will hire you after the farm you are working at talks about how great you are.

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Kristine Johnson May 31, 2012 at 1:46 am

Having a summer job for fun is really amazing, you will be away from the polluted city for a quite time and you will get to experience the normal life where internet, vehicle and technology are not engaged to humans. Looking for a farm job can be that easy, going back to your parents province is an advantage to get a farm job. But if your parents were both grown and raised in the city, Talking to community is might be the top option you can get. ^^ It’s really good to live our life surrounded by plants and animals.


Asher June 16, 2012 at 5:51 am

@ Kristine “Having a summer job for fun is really amazing” you are right and i am fully agree with you.


Dekontee s. Jarbo August 3, 2012 at 1:59 pm

i think living and working on the farm is another part of life. there are many ways to make life easy for oneself. after 14 yrs, war in my country, a friend of mine introduce vegetable garden to me. this too, is another way of making money. i would wish to be part of any animals farm job or vegetable farm. this is my desire.



Tanmay Roy January 20, 2014 at 5:07 am

Getting farm jobs is very easy in some Asian countries. But in the American countries it’s slightly difficult to get any farm jobs easily. I am totally agree with you that ‘farm jobs are highly available during the summer’.
Tanmay Roy recently posted..African Pygmy GoatMy Profile


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