How to Hire an Event Planner

by on August 26, 2010

Steps to hire a good event planner

Planning events in your personal, career or social life, on your own, is not as easy as you may think. To make the event remarkable, you need to hire a professional event planner, as it ensures the splendor, preparedness and high profile of the event that aim at organizing. Events can be widely ranked from top level business meeting to a small birthday party. Even though you are going to organize a simple event, you have to be concerned with different types of actives while coordinating them together. Therefore, hiring an event planner may be a good option in organizing a high-quality event.

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind before hiring an event planner:

What type of event you really want to plan?

Before hiring an outside event planner answer the questions about what, when, where, who, why and how. Sometimes you are going to plan a business meeting, anniversary, social event, birth party or a picnic. Whatever event you plan; first list out the objectives and prioritize them. Deciding the scope of the event is also much important in hiring an event planner.

Decide on the main theme of the event.

Venue, menu, decorations and all other settings of a particular event should be decided and arranged for in order to promote the main theme and message of the event. Also, adhering to the decided theme lends consistency and synchronization to the overall event.

Estimate your budget

It is always advisable to first estimate both the human and the physical recourses you already have. If the existing budget is insufficient, you can timely make plans to increase the funds. You can cut off unnecessary expenses or replace the high costing activities in the event with cheaper ones, as per your budget. Venue, stationeries, catering, decorations, entertainments and other equipments you hire for the event should be based on the estimated budget.

Select the most suitable planner

Depending on the type of the party, you should find an expert in the particular genre. You can search through the chamber of event planners or through local as well as international chapters, hotels, firms, convention and visitor’s bureau or online resources for a well reputed professional event planner.

Maintain regular correspondence with the event planner

After ensuring that you have selected the most suitable person, provide him with all the details and purpose of the event. Then, the planer will plan the event in adherence to the furnished details. You can make queries about the previous experiences that the planner has. Always convey what is in your mind about the event, which is going to be organized and handled by the event planner.

Pay negotiate terms fee

Instead of paying a fixed salary you should pay a negotiate term fee; depending on the performance of the event planner, as well as the structure of the event. You can make legal agreements with your event planner or the firm to which he is entitled to, in order to obtain the best quality and service. Give commissions and promotions in accordance to his performance and always try to motivate the event planner to do his best.

Coordinate well during the overall process

Inform all the changes to the event planner about the objectives, budget, resources, and basic details such as date, venue etc; and make immediate rearrangements. The proper coordination is important for the proper sequence of the event.

Let off and rehire an event planner

Actually if you are not satisfied with the presentation of your event planner you can counsel him further or rehire another event planner. The discretion is yours since the planner and you have to work together closely.

Though, the event planner certainly makes your event more successful, you should ensure that you are providing proper guidance to the event planner to make the event remarkable. However, you can’t release your entire burden on event planner merely by hiring an outside event planner as at the end of the day the event and the money spent is yours.

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mike January 2, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Hiring an event planner saves time and energy

You can count on the event planner while the party is going on, so you don’t have to worry.

No set pricing, event tend to work around YOUR budget



Empowermint August 6, 2012 at 11:01 am

For me, hiring an event planner is one of the most sane things that anyone can do especially if he/she is busy with a job or with family, but at at the same time, he would need to make sure that a special event would go smoothly. Yes, event planners would mean additional expenses, but in exchange for peace of mind, and for a successful event, why not? I never regretted spending for an event planner on various occasions before. (will definitely do it again) 🙂


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