How to Manage a Team Effectively

by on October 10, 2010

What makes an attempt successful?  It’s nothing but the team efforts collaborated with good leadership and management skills. The ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’, the two major elements that comprise the outcome of a team’s functioning, can be directed if the leader has knowledge about the management skills. The competencies of a manger should be such, as to motivate the team and to enhance loyalty of its members.

The following points should be kept in mind to be an effective team manager:

  1. Communicating goals clearly to team members: The team members must be stated clearly about their roles and responsibilities, along with the goals and expectations set by the managers. The clarity of objectives will make them work effectively towards achieving team’s goals.
  2. Evaluation of the strength and weakness of each team member: Before assigning any task to team members, they should be evaluated on grounds of their strengths and weakness. This can be done by giving them simple tasks that they have to perform under the stipulated time. Thus, it’s the best way to assess their abilities.
  3. Acknowledging Team and its Efforts: The leader must acknowledge the team’s efforts in the meetings and should take responsibility for its tasks. Such behaviour encourages team members and makes them loyal towards their boss. Keep motivating them for their performances.
  4. Lay down instructions clearly: Team members must be instructed clearly about the task they are handling. They should be provided with the vivid description of their roles, along with what is expected from them. Be accountable for assigning the tasks and resolving the problems.
  5. Tackle problems and changes effectively: Always listen to the problems stated by team members and try to resolve the issues. Also, the changes suggested by them should be thought upon and integrated in the decisions, if the same are apt.
  6. Respectful behaviour towards team members: The team members must be treated politely, keeping in consideration their dignity. Any of their mistakes should be addressed courteously. It is better to treat them in a friendly manner and the management should be available for any discussion.




The above stated steps will help to bring effectiveness among the team members. The adherence to these specific rules will make a team work with great enthusiasm towards attaining the goals set by the managers. The team members will feel more motivated and thus their loyalty will enhance. They would be inclined towards following the instructions and completing the tasks within the given time frame.

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