How to Spot Cash Lechers Around You?

by on May 24, 2010

Are you the financial provider of your friends, or the one who pays your friends bills? Well wake up buddy you are just being used. When I was in college I often used to feel as if I have become the spending piggy bank for my pals but often ignored the fact as I wanted them, but later in life when I was the one who needed some support and help all those my gang people vanished. That particular time convinced me that I was being fooled and have been draining my entire dad’s money on a bunch of losers. Many rich folks experience such situations in there lives which make it difficult for them to choose whose the friend and whose the leech with its opened fangs to suck there money out of there pockets. Slowly and steadily it gets next to impossible to differentiate between the opportunists and real friends. I have few suggestions which can help you find out your real pals out of the rotten bunch, just read carefully:

  1. Never Show Off your Fathers Money – Never ask for money from your dad in front of your friends. Don’t show them your richness.
  2. Don’t go to branded stores with your friends – Keep the expensive shopping with your parents, when with friends try and visit the street markets or sale malls.
  3. Don’t show your real financial status in front of your friends – Unless you are sure that they are your real friends, in the beginning act normal and then slowly gradually disclose your real status.
  4. Use Cash – Only rich teens have credit cards so always try and spend through cash so that your richness doesn’t get noticed.
  5. Don’t disclose your Vacation Destination – Going for a splendid luxurious vacation with your parents never tell your friends about it. Just tell them you are going to pay a visit to your grandmother in the village.
  6. Never pay for your friends – only a person with extra cash can pay for other people so don’t pay for your pals’ fun, unless he is real close to you and trust worthy and not like the money lechers.
  7. Try and become the part of the crowd – Have a normal life, normal wardrobe, normal hangout joints so that you don’t get noticed easily and if for instance you don’t want to keep any secrets in friends then when you are confident about your pals tell them the real you and also the reason of your pretending.

These are the few things which can help you get the best friends in life and will help you to recognize people in future.

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