How to Stop Using a Credit Card

by on August 30, 2010

It has been rightly said, ‘Debt is the worst poverty’. And this could so become true for any credit card holder. What is more unfortunate when talking about owning a credit card or rather multiple cards, is that, one sinks more into debt.

Although, it may seem that disowning or giving up the habit of using credit cards is difficult, you might like to take a ‘second’ and think, how worst the scenario could be, if you do not stop using credit cards.

Here are some useful and easy tricks that can help you get rid of the habit of using credit cards.

Think about the embarrassment:

How would you feel when the bank clerk informs you that your card has been denied? Of course, running into that kind of awkwardness would only make you feel that you were so blinded by the shine of the credit card, to even not have noticed that danger zone.

Plan of action:

Almost immediately get in contact with your creditor and discuss about your situation with him. Try to plan out well in advance, which only will be of great help at tackling an obligatory repaying debt situation in future.

Make use of shredders:

These shredder machines can be one of the greatest saviors! Believe it. Just the way you would shred the papers in this machine, put in this little demon-like plastic paper, and see them sliced into pieces. A heavy burden will almost immediately be off your shoulder.

Follow experts say ‘Leave your cards at home’:

Just forget about taking credit cards when going the shopping-way. They will only tempt you to take them out and get them swiped for the mass shopping that you may do. The best part about only taking cash and not the credit cards is that, it will be more of a budget-shopping for you, thus, you are safe.

Keep credit card limit low:

The lower the credit card limit, the safer you are. And on top of that, it is easy to understand that paying for $1000 limit is far more comfortable than shelling out for $2000 limit. So, maintain a limit that in actuality will suit your pocket. This is like a disaster-free solution that needs to be followed diligently.

Look for ‘not for profit debt’ resolution firm:

Listening to advertisements about debt consolidation does not mean you should blindly fetch their help, because you would end up paying a huge amount for their service charges. Instead, look in for the firms that offer ‘not for profit’ solutions. But finding them is a bit of hard work, since such firms cannot go in for advertising due to the dearth of owning tons of money. Although they will offer a great solution, it may be paradoxical, but true!…

Self-control skill:

Do you posses the quality of saying no to yourself? Go ahead and try it! You might just be self-motivated, and that others too may be impressed by your skill and become your follower…who knows!

You can follow any of these magical yet simple tricks, so as to be free from the intimidating debt scenario. And it is quite apparent that being debt-free makes you feel more like a free-bird.

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