How to Take Your Business Global

by on May 26, 2010

Being in this industry of consultancy for years now I have always faced questions from many of my clients regarding making them go Global. Going Global means adding an international dimension to your business but that isn’t easy as it sounds.  Well Globalization is defined as the combination of different economies, demography’s and technologies. So before going global it is very important to see if your business belongs to the global niche and can be molded according to different markets.

So now it depends totally on you how do you Expand Globally.

  1. Become an Entrepreneur – You can succeed in your aim of becoming global only by being a good entrepreneur. A person who is good at many things can only be able to make his business flexible and moldable according to different markets of different nations. Which these days are the most important key of Globalization.
  2. Make a stronger Foundation – Before going global you should be well prepared. One should have a positive attitude and open mind. Therefore the foundation you are trying to throw in the global market should be strong enough to take the thrushes of the competition.
  3. Target Your Destined Markets – One should be aware of the places where the business will be able to flourish well, so one has to be prepared in advance with his market research, and a promotion strategy.
  4. Become a Diplomat – A very old and successful business tactic is diplomacy. Acquire this trait and you will do wonders in your business.
  5. Be Good with the Numbers – Before entering a market of a different country do a research study and learn about its progress or downfall if any, study the numbers and then decide the amount which you will be investing in that particular area or territory. This will help you plan and budgetise a proper finance scheme for all your global ventures.
  6. Be Good to Your Customers – Never end the relationship with your customers. The secret to a global success is a satisfied customer. So in order to be popular in the market always maintain a consistent and regular contact with your overseas customers. Global Customers are very demanding Customers but on the other hand the most honest ones too, so in order to service them for the rest of the tenure you have to be smart, and fast and perfect in your services. Always try and make your customer feel special this will bring him back to you again and again even if you are in any other territory. An example to such global business is a popular food chain known as MC Donald’s. Well the name says it all.
  7. Always maintain Good Public Relations – You should be humble and honest towards all the people, whether it’s your customer or trader or your supplier. You can’t have spoiled relations in global markets so maintaining a positive reputation is very much important in the Global Market, Try and avoid any conflicts as it can hamper your reputation.
  8. Expand Your Self – During Next Five years since your jump in the global market, the trade barriers will be depleted due to your constant presence in the market which in turn will give you opportunities of new ventures. So don’t stop and keep on moving ahead as there is no limit in the Global Market.

Sky is the limit if you are planning to succeed globally so work hard and be ready for all types of challenges.

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