Is Life Only About Making a Million Dollars?

by on August 21, 2010

If your answer to this question is “Yes”, then there is no point reading the article for you, it would be a waste of your precious time. If it’s not about money then what is it all about? Why is life so busy? Why is everyone in hurry every time? As if there is a time bomb on their head, if they won’t hurry then it will explode.

The modern human brain is not so modern, as it’s been covered with a think layer of polluted thoughts which are fed into our mind, thats probably the reason a human being never uses more than 3% of his brain in a lifetime. It’s like playing a record inside your head from the day you understand about money till the day you die, the only clock ticking inside your head is the money clock.

One question that keeps hitting the skull is that “Once I make my million dollar then I’ll show……..?”, something like that. OK, once you make a million bucks, then what? You want to make more, what else? And a person never gets satisfied with what he has until he dies.

Stop Chasing Money

The day you stop running after the money, you will be dumping 98% of your worries. Stress is one big factor which will never let you push your limits, it will bind you to become a safe player instead of being a free runner. Efficiency of your work will increase tremendously and you can now focus on many other things in life, your family,  helping those who are helpless.

What about “My Dream”?

Everyone sooner or later has a dream goal for life but only few of them tend to achieve it. These are few golden achievers who live for their dream not money. A great achiever will never be arrogant, will be loving and caring in nature, will look to help other all the time and the most important thing they will work hard to get to their goal. Now, you need to ask yourself, are you living your dream? If you are not living it right, you will probably end up being a loser.

Can you eat Money?

When was the last time, you were really starving? Would a luxury car or millions of dollars have fulfilled your appetite for food? The answer is obviously “no”. If you have heard of “Midas”, the person with the ability to turn anything in gold he touched. The money can never replace the essence of life. You only need enough money to buy food for youself and family.


Everyone has a specific role to play, so it’s important for you to be yourself rather than try to impersonate someone else. Take inspiration from other and follow the path you are supposed to not what other wants you too. If you are not helping the society in anyway then how would you expect others to help you in return. Have a constructive purpose in life which will benefit you as well as help others in the society. Remember, if humans could grow without society then our ancestors would have never formed cities.

If you still think that money is the most important factor of life, then you are still wrong. Money is just a part of life, Money is not life. Money can’t buy you love or any true relationship, you need to earn it by giving love to your family. If money was the solution then the super rich’s would never get divorced.

Why are they doing so?

40 Billionaires including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have pledged to donate half of their wealth to charity. They understand the fact that they enough money to live a lavish life for centuries even if their offspring’s do not work. The combined donation amount is estimated to be around $600 billion. This is probably the biggest amount to be donated to the charity and a very big step to help the backward and poor people of the society.

Well, these are the guys who have lived life the best way. They made an impact with their success and also have been responsible for the success thousands of others related to them. They have given a lot to the society with their great efforts, these are the real heroes amongst us. It will be a big achievement, if we are able to contribute our efforts even the 10% of what these guys have done through out their lives.

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Jz January 17, 2011 at 2:25 am

Money is an integral part of life but people often think that money is the only thing in life.


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