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by on March 22, 2011

We live in a world full of misconceptions but there is always a difference in what we think and what the reality is. A lot of people believe that once the resume is short listed their work is done. All they need to do is meet the employer and they shall get the job. What we fail to understand is that by choosing our resume the employer has just shown an interest in our profile and there is still a long way to go.

When a recruiter reads our profile, our educational qualification and prior experience is reflected which is not enough to get a job. In the interview, the recruiter will analyze the candidate’s personality, professional attribute, eagerness to work and ability to survive the competition.

There are certain etiquettes of giving a job interview which we should never forget. They are not some complex theories. Job interview etiquettes are extremely simple things which we already know but fail to imply at the right time and right place.


The right choice of clothes is an extremely important part of the interview. Do not wear loud colors and reprehensively matched clothes. Dressing according your profile and the environment of the organization is a must. The best option would be a formal suit.

  • Don’t wear a dirty or stained shirt. If you chose for a white shirt make sure it’s not pale while.
  • The clothes you wear on your interview must be comfortable as well.
  • Always pay attention to your shoes as well because people often forget to polish their shoes which makes a bad impression.


Always be punctual for the interview. Leave at least 30 minutes before the estimated time of travel. It is always better to be safe then sorry. Do not enter the company premises before the scheduled time. Being on time makes the interviewer feel important and that his time is valued. Do not forget to read about the company history.

Hand Shake

Take a note of your hand shake. The hand shake is important, as a lot can be judged of a person by his hand shake. The hand shake should be firm with a greeting smile on the face. Don’t make the grip extremely hard or simply sloppy. If your hand shake is a bone crunching or meek, the interviewer is tend to get uncomfortable right at the beginning of the interview. Starting the interview on an unpleasant note is not a good idea. While making the conversation, sit up straight and maintain an eye contact but do not stare at the interviewer.


During the interview, talk clearly and try to animate your language. Make sure what you speak is clearly audible to the interview, don’t speak too loud neither speak too soft. The interviewer should not get a chance to request your pardon.  Address the interviewer with his name as this leaves an impression of being involved in the conversation. It will also help in building a rapport which will help in the future. Do not crib about the previous organization. Every employer looks for loyalty in the candidate. Never provide any false or incomplete information to the interviewer as many organizations get a background check before hiring a person.

  • Don’t talk long pauses when you are answering questions.
  • Don’t use too many uhh’s and umm’s.
  • Don’t interrupt interviewer, wait for him to finish then answer.


Non-verbal gestures play a very important role in presenting yourself to the other person. Through a person’s gestures, you can easily tell if that person is confident, nervous, exited or scared. The interviewer always keeps a good eye on non-verbal gestures of an interviewee.

Sitting Posture

Don’t put your hand on sides of a chair, it will cause your shoulders to droop and your eye level will drop, instead of talking to the interviewer looking into his eyes, you will be looking down towards floor.

The right way to sit is by keeping your hands close to your stomach in 90 degrees. This posture will make you look comfortable and confident.

Hand Movements

While talking we use our hands and other body parts for gestures and these hand movements are called illustrations.

  • While talking to the interviewer at no point you must point finger at him.
  • Don’t stretch your hands too far from your body and above your shoulders, those kinds of gestures will make you feel desperate.

Do’s and Don’ts Gestures

  • Looking into a person’s eyes while talking is a sign of confidence but make sure you don’t stare at the interviewer.
  • Don’t brush your nose again and again, that’s a clear sign of nervousness.
  • Don’t cover your mouth while talking.
  • Don’t look on the floor or towards roof before answering every question.
  • Don’t shake your legs.
  • If you are sitting on a revolving chair, try not to revolve with the chair.

Cell Phone

People normally put their phone on silent and vibration mode before their interview. A phone call during your interview can be disturbing even if it’s on vibration mode, so the best thing to do is to switch off your cell phone.


This is an important criteria of hiring an employee. It’s important to carry a positive attitude at the same time make sure, you don’t look arrogant to the interviewer.

An arrogant behavior will give a message that you are actually doing a favor to the company by appearing for the job interview. Be humble and confident in what you say, it will make a huge positive impact on the interviewer and will increase the chances of being hired.

If I have to put it in an easy way then I would say that you should carry an attitude of James Bond, not in a way thinking of yourself as a secret agent but being a gentleman with an enigmatic personality.

Remember to thank the interviewer for the opportunity and the time given. As this will also help him to understand that his time is valued.

None of the above mentioned points are unknown to us. It only requires a little effort to follow them and assure a fair chance of achieving one’s dream job.

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quinine July 1, 2011 at 5:02 am

thanks for the tips keep guiding us


Kennedy July 10, 2011 at 9:35 am

Thanks for your great sharing website …. Wish you much success and abundance.


wilson July 12, 2011 at 12:44 pm

thanks 4 sharing this tips, it il helpful for fresher candidates. If they flow these things.who taking interview ,he il fear about candidates and he il tryng to giv job offer quickly 100%


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