Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

by on February 10, 2011

Making Extra Money Online

Online business is not a lottery business but if you are looking for some quick cash then there are few things which you can try to earn some money fast. It may work for you in your dire situation when you are in desperate need of money. All the methods mentioned are legal.

Sell Stuff on Ebay / CraigList

Both the websites are great for buying and selling products. You can sell out some of your stuff like a guitar, bike, some artwork, antique products etc. Scan through your stuff and look for things which you don’t use often or have stopped using them and you will find something worth selling in exchange of some good cash.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

It doesn’t take any investment to be an affiliate marketer. Choose a product or niche for which you would like to sell for. Apparel and electronic products are top selling products online but you can go for any product you think you would be able to sell better. Whenever someone makes an online purchase through your referral, you will be rewarded with commission.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any website to sell products. Create an e-mail list and refer your product to your friends, friends of friends and anonymous. Make use of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Friendster, Bebo etc to promote your product, social media will help you boost your sales.

Some key points to selling your product:

Don’t just drop affiliate links and send them in emails. Instead of selling tell them why they should buy the product recommended by you. Nobody will buy unless you show them some benefit which will inspire them to spend money on your product.

E.g. If you are selling an office chair – Tell them how your new chair will benefit them, you can say following things:

  • The black leather cover of chair makes it beautiful to look at and the cushion is custom designed to handle sitting pressure for hours without causing any fatigue to your body.
  • The chair can be adjusted to your comfortable height and you can also adjust the recliner.
  • The recliner of the chair is build to give support to your back, which will prevent you from any back problems.

By adding descriptions like this about the product it will help you sell your product easily. If there is any success story of consumer is involved then do share that story as well. It will add human interest to it and will increase the chances of further cracking the sale.

You may not be able sell like pro marketers but if you follow these steps then you will definitely earn some decent cash. If affiliate marketing impresses you and you find interest in it then you can adopt it as a full time profession as well.

Work as Guest Writer

There are numerous websites which offer good money for writing articles for them. Choose your area of expertise or your passion, which you would like to write about and pursue further as a contributing writer for blogs and websites. Some well known websites where you can apply as guest writer are: About.com, eHow.com & Suite101.com.

Work from home in your convenient hours, there are no restrictions of devoting specific hours everyday. The best way to bring out the best writing skills is to choose a topic which is related to something which you love.

E.g. If you love skate boarding then you can write on topics related to skate boarding, such as:

  • How to improve your skate boarding skills
  • Beginners guide to skate boarding
  • Top skate boarding stunts
  • Skate boarding stunt tutorials

Now all you need to do is figure out your passion or the area of your expertise and get started with your part-time guest writing career.

Sell Stock Photos

Many companies and businesses don’t have time and resources to arrange a photo shoot to get some quality photos to be used for a marketing campaign, product or local press. It’s much easier to look for suitable photographs on stock photography websites. Whenever a purchase is made the photographer earns a royalty fee. It’s a great way of earning a passive income online.

Sell eBooks

It’s another great way of earning passive income. Share you knowledge and expertise by writing an ebook and sell it to make extra money.

You can share your personal success/life story through your ebook.

E.g. If you have a weight loss story: Write about your personal experiences like:

  • When you decided to get started with weight loss
  • What was your source of motivation
  • The whole procedure of weight loss
  • How do you feel once you have accomplished your goal
  • What would you advice your readers of your eBook

It’s important to add the personal element to the story because then only the buyer will be motivated to do the same what you have accomplished and will buy your ebook to know how you did it.

To improve your eBook sales become partner with affiliate websites like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Linkshare. All your have to do is offer a certain percentage of your sale in return.

Start a Blog

To start blogging online you don’t need any technical knowledge about website designing or development.

An inexpensive way to start an online business for extra income. The best way to choose a niche for a blog is to write about something which you love to do or you can also start a blog on topic for which you would like to know more about, that way you can share your beginner experience with your readers which will help you understand your readers point of view as well.

Don’t blog for the money aspect only, do it for your passion and money will follow.

Once you start generating a decent amount of traffic, you can sell ad spaces on your website.

Freelance online Jobs

Make money by taking freelance jobs like content writing, data entry, online surveys, web design work, SEO work, reviewing a software etc. There are hundreds of freelance jobs available online, choose your area of interest and get started.

Some websites to find freelance work:

Other Ways to Earn Extra Income

Some other ways than online to generate extra money for yourself.

Rent out your place

If you own a house or any other property, you should consider putting it out for rent. Renting is an easy and steady money and rent increases with the rise in inflation.

Babysitting Job

You can babysit your neighbors kids for some cash. Babysitting can earn you upwards of $10 an hour.

Home Tutor

Home tutoring business has a great potential and you can make upwards of $25 an hour. More students you can gather, greater the income you will get. It’s very important that you maintain the quality of your work and don’t get carried away with the money part.

Make Paintings / Artworks / Artifacts

If you have some skills as an artist but for some reasons you didn’t pursue your career further in art then it’s time to think and get started where you left. You don’t have to leave your regular job for this, spend your weekend doing something constructive with your skills.

Artwork by “Subodh Gupta” using Kitchen utensils

You need to have a unique identity with your work, try to come up with something which has not been done before. A unique style of art will earn you popularity and people pay huge money to own creative work of art.

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Shiri Pao February 10, 2011 at 7:13 pm

I like the way you have explained everything about affiliate marketing and guest posting.
Great article, I loved reading it.


Allen February 11, 2011 at 8:48 am

I think guest writing for about.com is great option, their payout is really awesome.


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