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by on March 19, 2011

Why We May Need Extra Money?

In today’s world one is always falling short of money. No matter how hard you work but it seems that making both the ends meet is impossible. We look at every opportunity possible to make that extra buck. Working extra hours at work seems to be the part of life now. We wait the entire month or in some cases week for the payment but surprisingly within the first few days we have used the major part of our salary. We are already dealing with the pressure of handling our current job and the concern of managing our bills for the days left in the month or week makes it worse.

We know that keeping up with the inflation is almost next to impossible. The price of surviving a basic life in this world has become something which can only be attained with an immense amount of trouble. The cost of living keeps increasing everyday but somehow we are expected to work at the same price at least for the entire year. We are never able to understand the balance between the two things. But the reality is that this is how the world works. It does not matter if we like it or not.

To survive in this world, we have to learn to manage and make the best out of the available sources. There are situations where the money crunch makes us want to simply give up but the truth is that we can never do that. Each one of us has some or the other responsibility on our shoulders. It does not matter if it is about paying bills for one’s personal needs or the expense of maintaining a family.

One needs money for every basic chore required to survive a basic healthy life. Be it the food, phone, electricity or even heat they all come at a cost. A few of these things are what we need or you can say we are addicted to them. Can you imagine living without the phone or electricity in today’s world? The thought of this is scary in itself. The truth is that we are extremely dependant on each one of them.

There are ways by which you can reduce your cost of living. But the question is how much can one reduce. The fact is we will not be able to reduce a lot. Even after the reduction you will find yourself standing in the same situation. The only difference this time will be that we will be even more uncomfortable.

With the growing cost of living, we are mostly not able to increase our income. Eventually we have to learn how to compromise on our needs. The compromise normally starts with the basic needs and ends with us compromising on almost everything. For the people who have to take care of their families the level of compromise required is much higher. The person is required to fulfill the needs of his family and to do this he lands up forgetting himself. For this person, the most important thing is to do every possible thing to make sure that his family stays happy. This sacrifice after a certain level becomes so habitual that we stop feeling the need of anything. We believe it is OK and we have learnt to live with the compromises. What we do not realize is that these sacrifices do harm us. I do not doubt at all that there is beautiful feeling involved in being able to achieve the happiness of one’s family. All the sacrifices feel worthwhile when you feel that your family is content. If one is able to be true to oneself, he would know that the sacrifice of his needs and requirement does leave an uncomfortable feeling.

Now when we think about it, we realize that these sacrifices have made us a sad person but somehow there is no solution to this problem. We feel that this is part of life and we have to learn to live with this fact. The irony of the situation is that even after completely forgetting every personal issues we are still not able to manage our expenses. It somehow feels that it is never enough.

A lot of us also think about taking a second job. The truth is that it is extremely difficult to manage two jobs and take out time for own self. Ask people who are handling two jobs, they would tell you how there is nothing left in their life besides work. Not only the personal life of such people is non-existing but their health also suffers. Remember, there is nothing more important in life than health.

One can always make up for money, time with family and friends or everything else in this world but it is almost impossible to recover the lost health. You might be able to fight a disease but fighting with the after affects is almost next to impossible. So if you decide to start with a second job, be careful about your decision and calculate your possibilities and the consequences of the decision made by you.

Remember there are always alternate options available that can help you make the extra money required to fulfill your and your family’s needs. Not only you can fulfill the basic requirement but if you can master certain options, it is also possible to save some money for difficult times. Yes you can save some money as well. We all know that life does not come with a plan of action.

Life has its own way of working. Some call it fate and some call it the result of one’s ‘karma’. Whatever you call it, the bottom line is that life is full of surprises and no matter whatever amount of planning we do, it never works out. I would not say that money is the solution to all the surprises provided by life but for sure a little saving can always prove to be a helping hand.

There might be numerous options available to make the extra buck but the best option would undoubtedly be sales. Now I am not saying that you should start going door to door and start dealing with some strange stuff. Nor do you need to invest a huge amount of money and start a business.

What most of the people fail to understand is that learning how to sell and what to sell is the important part. Look around yourself and you will notice that there are numerous things around you that are completely useless but are still occupying space in your house. Or for that matter there might be a special talent in you. Something that you make that has always been appreciated by everyone around you. There are numerous things around us that we are not able to pay attention to as we have always been busy with the anarchy of life.

It is true that this means life does not permit us to pay attention to the options available around us. If you think about the reason why one does not get ample time to consider the options, the answer will be simple that we have so many responsibilities and the shortage of money.

What you need to understand is that it is important to pay attention to the available options as they can help you earn the much required extra money. Once we are able to earn the extra money, life will be a lot simpler. We will be able to pay attention to the family and also a few of our personal needs. The extra earnings can always help you in making both ends meet.

As this point has been established that even to live with basic necessities is extremely difficult and one has to make sure there is some kind of extra income required. To earn this extra money, we need to learn how to utilize the available sources. The most important this is to understand what to sell. Now obviously you cannot start selling things that are required by you or your family. Hence what one needs to know is what to sell and how to sell it.

Things you can Sell to Make Money Fast

Today, I shall help you understand how by paying attention to certain basic things around, you can earn the much required extra income. Before we start with the procedures, keep in mind that this is the road that can lead you to a comparatively more comfortable life. While following certain options, you might feel that they are difficult to achieve.

Remember, they might be a little difficult but they are definitely achievable. There are numerous families that are gaining an access to a more comfortable life with the help of the same procedures. In the beginning, it feels a bit difficult but it is not as difficult as it seems. As it said that it’s always the initial steps which are difficult but once in motion the same things will feel like a walk in the park.

Keep an open and determined mind towards the procedures and options and for sure you will see positive results. Out of the numerous possible goods available, I shall help you understand the most successful and profitable options.

Useless household objects

Inspect your house properly. Check the garage or the store room. Look in every possible place you utilize to store stuff. You need to make a list of everything available in your house. You would be surprised to find out that there are numerous useless things lying inside the house. There might be things that were useful at a time but are completely useless now. It can even be certain household products given as a gift but you know as a matter of fact that they will never be used.

We normally land up storing a lot of extra stuff that is completely irrelevant. Stuff like this is not helping us in any manner but only occupying space in our house. There are situations when you have two pieces of the similar things. For example, let us say that you bought a new toaster for yourself but on your birthday a friend gifted you another one. Now normally what we do is simply give the second toaster some space in the store room. Doing this is a complete waste of money. We need to collect all the useless or extra household things and simply sell them.

Now there are two main options that you have for selling such goods. One is that you simply go a shop that buys such goods. There would be numerous shops available. The best way to would be that you first check all the available options. See which of the shopkeepers is quoting the best price. Do not simply walk in to the first store available and sell it at whatever price the shopkeeper offers. There are many shops where you will be required to bargain with the shopkeeper over the price. There is no shame in doing so. You are selling what belongs to you. Do not hesitate when talking about the cost.

The second option you have is a garage/yard sale. This is the option which I would prefer. There is no doubt that the effort compared to the idea of simply selling the goods at a shop is more but there is a stronger chance of you making money in this option. There is a simple logic behind this conclusion. The shopkeeper is buying the goods from you and then selling them to customers. It is obvious that he is also keeping his margin in the sale as he is not doing this for charity. So when you directly deal with the customer, there is obviously a chance of making more money.

While dealing with the customer directly, you need to make sure that you ask for a reasonable price for the product. Do not quote an obnoxious amount. You do not want the customer to run away or laugh at you. Keep some margin for bargain. A lot of customers love to bargain and you do not want to come across as a rude salesman. Being pleasant is absolutely important while making the sale.

If you are able to make your customer comfortable with yourself, it is extremely rare that a sale won’t be made. A salesman with a pleasant personality always has a better chance of making a sale and that too on the price he had decided much before the conversation had started.

Old Reading Material

Most of us are fond of reading. Some of us like the newspapers, magazines or books. No matter what the reasons might be, we all have lots of reading material lying at our homes that we would  have read a numerous times and do not plan to read it ever again. Almost everybody gets a newspaper at home. We read the paper and either throw it or use it for some cleaning and wrapping purpose. Surprisingly, most of us do not understand that even after the material has been read it can still be useful for us.

What you can do is collect all the reading material that is lying at home and segregate it in different sections. The first section should have all the newspapers. In the second section, you can keep all the magazines and all the books can go in the third section.

There is a reason why we segregate the reading material in sections. This will help you in selling them in the proper manner with the apt price for each one of them. The newspaper can be sold to the recycle companies as they can use it to make bags, envelopes or simply recycle the paper.

There are certain shops that like to buy the old magazines. These magazines can be sold to people who are fond of magazines but as they cannot afford the new ones, they wait for the magazines to be resold. You would be surprised to see the number of people who actually sell their magazines.

The third section is the most promising one. Every book you have read which appears useless at the moment can be easily sold. There is a huge market out there ready to buy everything from your story books to the thick novels. Here also you need to be calculative before making the decision. When there are numerous buyers available there is one thing for sure that you will positively be able to sell your old books. Use this option wisely. Check all the options available. You will be surprised with the money offered for your old books. Once you have explored all the options, go and clinch the best deal.

Used Dresses and Shoes

This is something everyone of us would agree with that we all buy clothes and get bored of them much before they are even close to be worn out. If you check, there will definitely be a lot of clothes and shoes that you are bored with or simply cannot fit into them anymore. We see all these expensive clothes and do nothing about them.

There might exist a section of people who might like your clothes and for whom purchasing brand new clothes might not be possible, apparently due to financial reasons. With such people, you can finalize your deal for old clothes. Yes, you can sell all your ‘no longer in use’ clothes and shoes. Here you have three options of making the sale. The second hand shop and garage/yard sale is something you are already familiar with. The third option you have is the internet. There are numerous websites that are completely dedicated to selling your used goods. All you have to do is register with the website and put in your ad for the product.

It is not at all complicated. Once you have an account on the website, people will look at your ad and respond. Basically there is much less effort required and still you can get the desired result.

Empty Perfume and Liquor Bottles

A lot people are fond of exquisite looking glass bottles. They like collecting such bottles. Everybody has their own reasons for collecting these bottles. Some like to use it as a showpiece while others like to keep them to set up a mini bar. A lot of interior designers also use such bottles to decorate the surroundings whereas a few of them simply enjoy collecting them as a hobby.

It does not matter what the reason is, the important thing is that they are in demand. That is all that matters if a certain thing is in demand it can always be sold. For selling such objects, the best way would be by putting an ad online. As this is the easiest and quickest option. You can also visit an antique and crystal goods store. There is a possibility that they can buy the bottles.

Old Concert or Sports Tickets

We all know how fans can be. Today the paparazzi click images of celebrities only because of fans. There are huge lines outside the houses of celebrities. All this effort just because of the craze one has for a particular celebrity. It is a very common thing that these fans pay huge amounts for tickets or a pass that is already used. Some like collecting them and some simply want it because in some way it is connected with their favorite celebrity.

The older the ticket the better it is. You just have to wait for the right fan, someone who truly wants it and trust me there will be many people available who are ready to pay a good amount for the used tickets. Do not sell the ticket to the first bidder. Let him wait while you explore your options. If truly interested and not just fooling around, he will definitely wait. List your tickets for sale on eBay and Craigslist for free where you can target huge mass and will improve your chances of having the best deal possible.

Non-functional Electrical Goods

The moment any electrical appliance stops working, the first thing we check is if the product is still under warranty. If not in warranty, we either throw it away or shelf it forever in our store room. According to us, it is just another useless item that we might repair or exchange in the future. The reality is that this time will never come. We will completely forget it and the only time it will come back to us is when we have already bought the next item.

The more sensible thing to do will be simply selling it. Now if you wonder why anybody will buy it, there are many reasons for this purchase. Like, a mechanic of that particular item can by it to repair and then sell the item. Take an old fridge for example that needs a simple part  to run. Someone could buy a part and fix it  themselves. If the item is beyond repair, he can always use the parts that are working fine. He would be ale to use these parts to repair a similar item. Besides, there are a lot of people who are good with repair work, they can also be interested in buying such products as they can repair the item and keep it for personal use. Put such items for sale and be prepared for a surprise.

Old Jewelry

This sale is especially for women. If you would go through your collection, there will positively be a huge quantity of jewelry that will never be worn. What you need to understand is that something not liked anymore can be loved by someone else. Everybody has their own style of dressing. There is no particular pattern that they follow. Do not hesitate in putting them for sale as you would know that no matter however much jewelry one has, it is never enough.

There is always a chance of selling such items with an ease. First you need to categorize the jewelry in three sections: junk, semi-precious and precious jewelry can be the three required sections. For junk and semi-precious jewelry, you can put and ad online. But when it comes to precious jewelry try not selling it. Such precious items can always work as a saving. They are as good as deposits in the bank.

Almost every jewelry shop will be more than willing to buy them. You should only sell them in absolute emergency. If you ever come across a situation when you desperately need money and there is no other way available, only then think of selling your precious jewelry. You must check out these loose black diamonds for sale Australia because they’re such good investment pieces. As told, you just need to visit a jewelry store and sell the precious jewelry.

Old Mobile Phones

It is one of the most common habits we all have. The moment we get our new mobile, we just do not remember where the old one is kept. If by any chance we are familiar with the whereabouts of our phone, it will positively be a box in some corner of our house. A lot of us also use it as a paperweight. Find those old mobile phones as they can easily help you get some money. It does not matter even if the phone is not working.  Just like the electrical goods, this can also be useful for a lot of people. So don’t think a lot about this and plan the sale for them.

Craft Items Made by You

A lot of you have a talent of creating a lot of items that can be used as decoration. It can be anything from a lamp to sculptures. If you have been constantly praised for something particular, do not waste the talent. You can become a brand in yourself. Start making samples and then meeting people. One needs to first decide on the best product. Everything made by you might seem equally appealing. To solve this problem, take help from family members or friends.

Once decided about the products, all you need to do a research on the best market for your items. When you find the apt market, then strike the best deal. Here the price is not the only important thing, you should also see if the shopkeeper is ready to publicize the product in the correct required manner. As if you are able to achieve the required fame, then sky is the limit for you in terms of money. It is extremely important to make the right decision as it can help you achieve the money, fame and peace of mind.

Edibles Made by You

There are numerous people who are famous for their cooking or baking. They enjoy every complement given to them. Be it your jam or the famous cookies if they are good enough to fetch you those numerous compliments, it can always sell. A lot of you are living with a gold mine of talent but simply do not want to use it. You can initially start by making small numbers and selling them to neighbors or at the local grocery store.

People are extremely choosy when it comes to food and at the same time they have the tendency to get addicted to a certain style of preparation. If you are able to make their taste buds tingle, they will positively come back for more. Once the chain is made, you can increase the production. This is how most of the big organizations have started. Put in the required effort and you will positively get the desired result.

When selling an edible item, make sure you have taken the required care. The product should be absolutely hygienic. Make sure the taste is perfect and is packed properly. Remember, presentation is also important. The pack should be clean. Once the product is successful, the problem of money will never bother you again.

Sell Your Assets

Property. If you own multiple properties then what could be a better time to make use of those properties at a time when you are having trouble in financial life. The return which you will get from selling your spare property should be enough to bail you out of financial matters as no property is cheap nowadays.

Some people acquire ancestral property from their father, which they had acquired from their father and so on. Some people are emotional about the things they have acquired from their parents and don’t consider selling these properties for same reason, but you must remember that people invest in real estate to keep their money safe and let it grow with time and inflation. When you are struck with a financial disaster and there is no other possible way to get out of it, then you have to go ahead and sell your spare property and earn yourself financial freedom. You can use a tri credit report to find buyers with good credit.

If you don’t have a spare property to sell then you can consider renting a part of your property to college students and job workers. Students and Job workers from other cities look for cheap rent places. Contact your local realtor who can find a tenant for your place in exchange for some commission. You can also put up an advertisement on Craigslist and other free online classifieds website.

Equity Shares, Mutual Funds and Bonds. If you have any past investments in any of these areas then you should seriously sell them to get some cash. If incase you had invested in share market but your stocks have been trading below the point you bought them and you don’t want to sell them right for a loss. Well, my friend no one likes to lose money but in dire situations you have to take the toughest decisions and the important thing is to see through these financial crises you are in at present.

Old Coins, Currencies and Stamps

Look for any of these in your house and older they are the better it is. Mainly our parents keep these kinds of really old stuff as a memory of old times because in those times cameras were not a common household item. My father had kept few currencies and stamps in his diary when he was in his school days, which we accidently found when we were moving to our present house few years back.

There are people who collect this stuff like crazy, they look for a coin, currency or stamp of every year manufactured and they would pay anything to complete their collection.

If you have any such thing with you, just auction it on eBay and wait for the right person to find you. It shouldn’t take long because these guys are always up and looking for things to complete their collection.

Sell Your Body Parts

When we talk about selling a body part we don’t mean selling your kidney, heart or eyes but selling replaceable kind and the legal one’s like hair, blood plasma and sperm.

Plasma: It is a component of blood which makes up about 55% of the total blood volume in our body. You can legally sell plasma for upwards of $30 twice a week.

Hair: You can sell your hair in exchange for some healthy cash. You can sell your hair to wig manufacturers or you can sell it to private buyers. The payout will depend on the quality of your hair of course. There are many websites online where you can contact to sell your hair. Go through the eligibility terms to sell your hair and you should be ready to make few hundred dollars.

Sperm: If you are a healthy person then you can enroll yourself in sperm bank. The standards to qualify to sell sperm are very high. Some of them are:

  • Must be under 44 years of age.
  • Should be in a good medical condition.
  • No family history of cancer
  • Free from consumption of Drugs and Alcohol.

You will be asked to give a short test about yourself and based on the score of your test the price of your sperm will be determined.

Life is about making the best from the available options. If you are able to follow the mentioned ways to make the extra income, triumph will definitely be yours. Be honest and keep a practical approach towards life and definitely things will become clearer and you will positively be able to fulfill the needs of the family and yourself. Not only you will be able to fulfill the needs, but achieving the peace of mind will also be possible.

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Joy D April 2, 2011 at 11:33 am

I really like the idea of selling edible products, cook your best dish and sell it for money. Great idea boss.
Love your Post.


chase hoskins July 21, 2011 at 6:24 pm

i would like to sell my sperm 😀


Refiloe August 3, 2011 at 2:05 am

I think selling foods is the best.


Nina January 26, 2012 at 2:56 am

Great article,

The easiest way to start making money online is to start taking paid surveys.Large companies will pay you for your opinion.All you have to do is to answer questions.Last month I made $1,700.That is not a joke.You can do that.No skills needed.


deani January 9, 2013 at 9:10 am

Hi nina your idea were good …. can you kindly share your experiences with us more ….if you really don’t mind. anw will the company pay us in what way ….. ? cash ? online banking or bank transfer ? how do the system works? anw hope to get a warm reply soon 🙂

cheers !


maddie June 18, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Did you do this surveying on multiple websites or just one in particular? If you wouldn’t mind sharing it would really help me out. this also sounds like a really good idea!


stbarts September 28, 2012 at 8:27 pm

thanks for these tips.
im a widow @ my son needs dental work and if I cant pay my property taxes in 2 months, we will be homeless .
I see 3 tips here I can try
Thank You


Guido Dutton August 3, 2013 at 8:11 pm

That’s it! I’m going through my house and find all that stuff to sell. I need some money. It’ll also give me more room…room for more STUFF!


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