Are you a good saver?  I mean, do you save a large percent of your income each month?  Believe it or not, the biggest factor in how much money you save each month (as a percent of your income) depends on where you live.  For example, people in emerging countries like China and India save […]


The Importance of Saving Money

by on September 30, 2011

Almost everyone is confused about the logic and the reasons behind saving money.  The average person may think that when they have enough money to pay for their needs that there is no reason to put aside any extra money each month.  However, saving this little amount of money each and every month is very important.  While the […]


Many financial advisors have observed that the majority of people spend more time planning their vacations than they spend planning their route to financial freedom. It’s sobering news but the good news is that now is just as good a time to start mapping out that path as any other. Who doesn’t dream of having […]

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Getting rich quick is one aspiration that we all have in common. The road to reality is very different from our fantasies and desires of getting rich fast. I have failed in many businesses before and learned lesson of lifetime from all the mistakes which I’ve made. I’m not going to tell you the fantasy ways to […]


Why We May Need Extra Money? In today’s world one is always falling short of money. No matter how hard you work but it seems that making both the ends meet is impossible. We look at every opportunity possible to make that extra buck. Working extra hours at work seems to be the part of […]


Things To Do For Free

by on March 16, 2011

Weekend comes as a welcome relief from the hectic weekdays and lots of people think of spending weekend without shelling money from their pocket. So here are 100+ weekend ideas that ensure complete fun and leisure but at the same time assured to be easy on your pocket. These are the activities which you can […]


Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

by on February 10, 2011

Making Extra Money Online Online business is not a lottery business but if you are looking for some quick cash then there are few things which you can try to earn some money fast. It may work for you in your dire situation when you are in desperate need of money. All the methods mentioned are legal. […]


Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas You don’t have to spend big bucks to have a memorable valentine’s day with your lover. Be unique and surprise your valentine with a special plan that he/she wouldn’t have thought of, after all surprise is the only element that keeps the fire burning between the couples. Candle light dinner at […]


Who am I? An observer! What strikes me as I look around is the amount of opportunities one has, to learn and earn. And why not start young, considering the amount of opportunities that are out there. As a teenager, one usually has ample time on their hands and a yearning to earn. Making money […]


Tips to Travel on a Budget

by on January 4, 2011

The common man as we now know was once a nomad. The man, before everything else, learnt how to travel and explore. The quest to see the unseen has been the greatest driving force for all the mankind. Travelling gives us the pleasure, which can’t be found in routine. A good traveler is the one […]

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When it comes to conversion of currency, our mental abilities start to shudder. All that matters is to get the best. But we need to scale ourselves through certain options available in order to keep our expenditure at its least possible level. Here, we bring forth the most commonly used options by travelers while shelling […]


How to Save Money on Christmas?

by on January 3, 2011

Wondering you’ll end up spending more than what you’d want this Christmas? Well, read on to know how to spread more joy this Christmas for less! Happy Shopping! While looking for gifts, consider shopping online since it not only gives you great deals, saves on packaging and postage but also is way easier than shopping […]


How to Save Money on Gas

by on December 22, 2010

Non-renewable resources have always been hot cakes. In the recent past, Gas prices have been surging high due to the increase in consumption. This is surely affecting our pockets. This article suggests you some ways in which you can decrease your gas consumption and thus your cash consumption. We hope these tips help you in […]


20 Ways to Save Money On Your Car

by on November 25, 2010

Many of us go irrational when it comes to cars and start pampering them as our own kids. Even if you have a pretty good reason to spend on your car, here are some 20 ways which will let you know that you are actually uselessly wasting your money on cars. Use of premium gas […]

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Your imagination is not going to take you too far as managing your money is not as simple as it looks like. Time has changed and therefore you are expected to take wiser decisions in comparison to what our ancestors did. However with the technological growth and development, we are fortunate enough as it has […]


A Guide to Buy a Used Car

by on November 22, 2010

Whenever is comes to buying a used car, there are so many questions in your mind. Some random questions like, whether to buy a used or a new car?  What car to buy?  Where to go and look for such cars?  And so on. There are numerous facts, which much be considered before you buy […]


It often perplexes many that why do men and women fight over expenses. Why is it that a couple always has two opinions about how they should spend and on what they should spend? The answers could be many but at the end of the day, in some situations the difference of opinion can be […]


Who doesn’t want a good-stylish-furnished home? But, people are of the notion that such a dream home needs infusion of lot of money, which is not the case, as even in your stipulated budget, you can design your home as per your taste. You just need to follow few basic things in order to turn […]


Tax Myths That Can Cost You Money

by on October 28, 2010

In order to not get hit by excessive costs due to myths regarding the taxation system, one needs to get acquainted with the regulations adequately. If the myths are avoided, there could be saving of money. Now let’s look at the five major myths regarding tax: In case of a working child, he cannot be […]


8 Vital Money Lessons for Teens

by on October 25, 2010

The American kids cannot be fully blamed for being ignorant about personal finance, as their parents often pay all the bills online. But passing the bar is not a solution to this ever rising problem. So, the question arising here is that who would teach these kids about money. Schools have many other things to […]


The most delightful place in the world is a home which gives happiness and satisfaction, in addition to shelter and security. When buying a home everyone tries to meet their desires of owning the dream home.  Home is a lifetime asset, thus a lot of factors need to be kept in mind while buying a […]


The depression of the legal matters doubles as you are reminded about the expenditure of the lawyer. The lawyer’s fee, which is usually high, may be difficult to manage within your budget. Therefore, you need to have better understanding on how to deal with legal matters in accordance to your budget. The following steps make […]

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