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by on August 17, 2011

The changes in environmental policies, technical advancement and recession in past ten years, have lead the foundation of new career opportunities which could have never existed before. These latest careers are growing rapidly and are providing job opportunities to many people. For examples: The growth of e-commerce has made it easier for people to shop online but it has also given rise to online theft and to protect that organizations have to hire cyber security managers to fight against hackers.

Here is a list of careers that didn’t exist a decade ago:

User Experience Analyst

They are put up with the work of making the websites convenient to use for the users. The more it is easy to use the websites the more it’ll attract the attention of the user. They make websites more amusing, which ultimately makes its place in user’s mind.

Interior re-Designers

They refashion already owned items into new ones through their creative ideas and make it useful for some other purposes. In today’s world of fashion and style, green movement of reduce, reuse and recycle is a flourishing area, which offers a lot of jobs.

Video Journalists

Video journalism is a broadcast journalism where a journalist produces his/her own material. Video journalists are free to present their own piece of news but they can also be asked by the agency to cover specific news. A video journalist may work for multiple news agencies as a freelancer.

Video journalism is low cost and efficient way to gather news as it doesn’t involve large crew and heavy equipment setup which saves a lot of time and it becomes easier to travel to the coverage spot. A video journalist do need the basic knowledge of camera handling and video editing. Apart from technical skills a video journalist should have good reporting skills as well.

Green Funeral Directors

They integrate environment friendly options in order to fulfill the requirements of those families who are interested in getting green service.  It includes: eco-friendly apparels, organic food and flowers, recycled paper products and preservation with formaldehyde-free products.

Practical Business Service Providers

The advent of internet has facilitated almost everybody with services at doorstep. Practical business service providers offer such services like customer service, caretaker services and public relations by forming their own company.


Bloggers are engaged in the work of creating, developing and maintaining the blogs to attract online readers. They may act as individuals or as a part of corporations, but main purpose is to endorse a brand, mission or goal. Some of the popular online bloggers like Darren Rowse, Michael Arrington, Pete Cashmore, Arianna Huffington and many more have created millions of dollars from blogging.

Patient Advocates

They act a guide to patients and their families, in order to make their work easier. They see if everything is going on in accordance with what is being said by doctor. They visit with patients to doctors and even educate the families on the ways to take care for patient.

Senior Move Management

The Companies engaged in this, fulfill the physical and emotional demands of older adults and families by helping them in downsizing, relocating or modifying their homes.

Social Media Strategists

They act a promotional tool for Companies and help in enhancing brand awareness, creating traffic and making information available.

Social media strategist job is to promote a brand in online communities and achieve desired goals. It is a form of viral marketing where tailored content in form of text, picture or video is created to target a specific audience and promote the campaign till it goes viral.

Community Managers / Content Managers

They are a link between company and customers. They promote the company on website by engaging with community members.

Cyber security

Increasing number of cyber attacks and cyber thefts have lead to the growth of career in cyber security management. It’s an unfamiliar profession for a lot of people. Online security has become a priority for all the large scale and many medium scale organizations and companies. Cyber security managements help in practicing safe security methods to lower the number of online attacks.

SEO (Search engine optimization) Analyst

Online search has become a huge and an integral part of internet business. Billions and billions of searches are conducted by the people every month whether they are looking for content, place, news, software or anything else they just use the search engine to filter the most relevant data. The job of a search engine analyst is to use legitimate methods to improve the ranking of the website on these search engines.

Companies spend thousands of dollars to hire SEO companies to help improve their search engine rankings in order to generate business sales through online searches.

Mobile Application Development

A process of developing application software for mobile phone devices which are either provided by the manufacturer or can be downloaded from the mobile software platforms like IOS, Blackberry, Android, Symbian etc.

The applications are either free of cost or paid. Most of the free applications make money from phone advertising which is displayed on the applications.

Online Game Designing/Development

Online gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today which never existed 15 years back. The concept of social gaming has rocketed the online gaming industry in last 4 years. Online game developing company Zynga has become a billion dollar company and due for filing an IPO.

The demand for game designers and developers has grown to huge extent and there is one more potential career opportunity for young gaming enthusiasts.

Electronic Commerce

The buying and selling of products or services over the internet is known as Electronic commerce or popularly known as e-commerce. E-commerce is as new as the internet itself and has evolved in last decade with the websites like, and B2B site like many more.

The e-commerce is not only for the large scale but many people use internet to sell a single product through their website. Such as a website only focused on selling weight loss products or another website may be only selling an ebook on “How to lose weight quickly”. Maintaining an e-commerce business is not an easy task as it involves lots of technical innovations in internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, automatic data collection and supply chain management.

If you think you can create a product worth selling it online then e-commerce is the new bright career path for you.

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Michael Leahy February 18, 2012 at 3:06 am

In terms of retiring or changes of career, if you have a good level of experience, it might be possible to set yourself up as a writer in that field. Not all blogs are one-man operations. Check the major websites in your sector to see if they could do with some inside help or occasional editorials. Writing can be a very satisfying way to benefit from your experience. Although a full-time job is unlikely to materialise, it can provide nice occasional payments and also keep you aware of all the changes taking place in that field. If you are recognized, you can also get press access to trade fairs.
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