Odd Jobs Are a Great Way to Earn Some Cash

by on May 16, 2012

Despite every attempt to make a lot of cash fast, there are only a select few who are capable of it. Most of the people who do, win the lottery. Trying to make a lot of money at an extremely quick rate is very similar to the lottery; both are unlikely you will win. However, there are ways to make smaller amounts of money very quickly. Below are 20 ways to make quick cash. Some of them you may even find odd.

Experiment: Local colleges are always doing experiments and research studies, typically in the sociology and psychology departments. Get in contact with them and you can be doing some odd jobs but making money as soon as you complete the task.

Renting: If you live in town or near town, you can advertise your parking lot or garage for people to use. The price for parking in town can be so outrageous that people will fight for cheap parking. You can also rent out a spare room if you have one. If not, you can even rent out yard space for people to place ads and signs in.

Freelance Writing: You can count this as an odd job because you never know what you will be writing on. You may even try to re-write ads you find online if you feel that you can create something better. The possibilities are odd and endless.

Concession Stand: The lemonade stands work well for children, not so well for adults. On the other hand, you can still take the concept and apply it to a concession stand at a local park. There you can sell bottled water and other snacks for various walkers, joggers, loungers and other people who visit the park.

Paint: Fast cash can be made for painting houses or rooms. Some people may even pay you to paint their home address numbers on street curbs.

Sell Plasma: Giving blood does not always have to be volunteer work; you can get paid to do it.

Sell Hair: Just as plasma, you can make extra cash by cutting your hair and selling it.

Sell Miscellaneous Items: The way that makes this job odd is the location you can sell the items. Have a sign with what you are selling and how much and walk around at intersections and sell to stopped cars.

Metal Detector: Although this is a self-employed job, you can strike quick small, medium or large amounts of cash for dedicating your time to walk along a beach or park.

Putting Your Back Into It: Ring the doorbells of your neighbors and dependent on the current season, ask if you can shovel snow, rake leaves, and clean gutters or any other home related labor for some fast cash. In essence you are selling your landscaping talents.

Moving Assistance: Speaking of labor, there are always families looking for help to move their stuff, whether it is into storage, into a moving truck or next door. You will often make much more than minimum wage since most moving companies charge outrageous amounts. What cheap is to them is a large amount of quick cash to you.

Taking Online Surveys: If you are online a lot and have time and interest in reading and learning about miscellaneous subjects, you can take online surveys to make a few bucks.

Be A Billboard: Many businesses will pay you to advertise for them. Whether it is dressing up in a chicken suit and waving to passersby or wearing a shirt with their logo on it, they will pay you for it. You can also get paid to slap an advertising sticker onto your car and become a moving billboard. Contact a business of your choice and find out.

Seek and You Shall Find: If you still can’t find any odd job to make fast cash, create a letter asking for odd tasks or jobs that need to be done with estimated prices and leave them in the mailboxes of homes in your community. It is both convenient for you and your potential clients. If that does not work, you can always search on Craigslist for people seeking labor and task help.

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Eman Chavez May 28, 2012 at 10:49 pm

I admire your effort to put this all together, those are really good tips. Do you mind if I add blogging as another way of income. Blog your hobby, interest and or your products. With good communication and socializing skills, you can earn more.


Arielle S. June 11, 2012 at 12:41 pm

This is a really awesome list of money making tips. A few of them I’ve never even heard of. I currently make money from freelancing, and online surveys, though I favor surveys more because of the opportunities to try samples of new products and getting paid for them. As Eman Chavez mentioned, blogging is another great way to make some money. Thanks for sharing this informative article. 🙂


Felicia Gopaul July 25, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Cool jobs, not odd. I mean selling hair was odd, but I like the Metal detector. Although it may take a lot of time to put in.


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