10 Steps to Prevent Data-Security Breach

by on November 20, 2010

In the 21st century business data are established, stored and evaluated mainly in digital form. That might imply that your whole business – all the secret information on clients, revenue statistics and the employee network – depends on a technological system that you are in control of. There exist smart technology systems that deliver applications to automatically operate with your company’s data storage and protection. In case you do not have the investment capabilities to purchase or the faith in such smart data security systems, which often get installed by professionals in the IT field, ten basic steps might lead your enterprise to satisfactory data security. Read them carefully and keep in mind that data theft by professional hackers might ruin your businesses’ reputation within minutes.

Secure Password

Before you start applying a digital company system, make a well-informed decision on your password. Experts recommend using a password that combines capital and small letters as well as numbers and symbols. The hardest networks to hack into possess 10 to 12 character passwords. Professionals advise to change a company network’s password at least every 90 days. Personal information on individuals of a business should never become the ingredients for a password. Finally, it is important to decide carefully who gets access to a business network by getting to know its password.


Choose to install an up-to-date firewall that protects your system. IT experts usually recommend a firewall of a major brand in the field such as Mozilla Firefox.

Anti-Virus Software

In case you want to protect your system, anti-virus software is significant and represents the last instance that might defend your network to be hacked in by third parties.

Regular Software Updates

Nowadays, the globe witnesses vast developments in modern technology that cause the worry of some citizens that the technology will overtake its creators one day. So be aware that only regular updates for your installed programs guarantee sustainable security. Updates further include program improvements on side of the developers.

Laptop Security

You should be ware that portable computing devices such as laptops represent a lucrative target for burglary. One advice to avoid data theft is to encrypt your laptop. You should further produce regular security copies of laptop data and never leave the device in your car.

Smartphone Security

Blackberry, I phone and co, the so called smart phones, might contain as many important data as personal computers but much easier, due to their portable feature and small seize. Web n’ Walk mobile phones should therefore be encrypted and blocked with a secure password.

Backup Copies

Pay attention to regularly do safety backups on external hard drives to ensure that your data is safe. It is recommended that serves as well as personal computers get backed up at least once a week. Certainly, highly important data should always be copied immediately.


In order to monitor it is advisable to use data-leakage prevention software that systematically detects specific information from your internal network. Any weak point within your system can thus be discovered and removed. Even if you prefer not to monitor company internal information on colleagues or employees, the system might significantly detect errors before it is too late.

Responsible Web Use

Often a digital Trojan horse affects a whole network because one of its members opened a harmlessly seeming e-mail or downloaded an insecure file form the World Wide Web. Exactly this unawareness is strategically used by hackers to create mass viruses. Be aware yourself and your co-workers to pay attention to ‘warning boxes’ and alert them to potential threats while moving online.


In order to maintain high security standards it is important to regularly research on the matter of data security and inform your inferiors on general guidelines and upcoming updates on the matter. Your network can only be protected if all involved members get involved in necessary prevention measures.

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