12 Major Reasons Couples Fight over Finances

by on November 11, 2010

It often perplexes many that why do men and women fight over expenses. Why is it that a couple always has two opinions about how they should spend and on what they should spend? The answers could be many but at the end of the day, in some situations the difference of opinion can be daunting. Men will be men and women will be women, in the same manner spenders will be spenders and savers will be savers, a saver would not appreciate spenders spending on a yacht, while a spender won’t understand the point about saving, when the money cannot be used for some recreation.

Couples tend to fight over money too often and always have a difference of opinion, however many couples state that they don’t actually fight over money. Though, the reality is that the spats never end, or they are so regular that they aren’t labeled as fights after a certain point of time. There are quite a few reasons, which result in a fight regarding finances between a couple, and they can be classified as follows:

1. Extravagance Personified

In a pair, there would always be someone, who would be an extravagant spender, that person would be the one, who would spend without thinking even once about the consequences. In contrast, the other spouse would be the one who would think wisely before each penny is spent. The contrasting difference ends up in being the root cause behind the fights.

2. Envy thy Neighbor

Not literally, but yes, envious people tend to spend more. The envious people, who spend more, are the ones, who get jealous when they see someone buying a new RV or a new pool. In order to satisfy their envious trait, these people tend to spend more. However, the better half in the couple, is just not able to understand, why?

3. The Debt Carrier

Some people tend to be burdened, with a lot of debt and usually don’t happen to explain their other half their financial situation before marriage. It is often that the lies fall-off after marriage, the fights start to take place, and in this situation, it is nobody’s fault except the liars.

4. Friends and Family

Well, this one happens to be sort of stupid, but at the end of the day, couples do fight over stupid things. An expensive gift for a friend can result in a backlash from your better half, and vice-versa, because to the other half, money spent would be money wasted.


5. The Leakage of Small Purchases

In many cases, the small but numerous expenses go unaccounted for, and you don’t really understand where the money is spent. However, if because of the small purchases, there is a big difference in your bank balance; your spouse will definitely want to hear more about your little purchases.

6. Responsibility

Another problem we face, quite too often is that the other one would blame you for being the one who takes the initiative now and again. The only problem is, being too proactive certainly does not go well, with your other half, because being the boss in each situation means, you spend every time you’re the boss.


7. Kiddy Expenses

The expenses on the children can weigh heavily on the parents, right from maternity care to daycare. The new gaming console to the latest range of Jordan, kids can be expensive these days, and the resultant fights, worse.

8. The Dreaded Parents

Parents, will always remain to be critical regarding the financial condition of your household, right from your car to your house, they will judge everything. The worst part is that they are so critical, that couples usually end up looking at things from their perspective and have a huge fight about such things.


9. Budgeting is the Word

Though budgeting might be the word for you and the management of finances might be the topmost priority. Yet, it is possible that your better half is just not ready to give up their checkbook for the greater good. Which means, more fights, so be ready to raise your dukes, for another round.

10. Budgeting Software

The thought of nicely managing the finances, with the help of the best software is always beneficial. However, it also means that you’d know, where the money is being spent, and this also means that both of you need to answer some questions.

11. The Tempted

The tempted people happen to be similar to the people, who happen to spend money extravagantly. However, the difference is that, the tempted sorts don’t want to spend money but they end up spending money. It seems like; they end up being tempted to spend money on the drop of a hat if they happen to have the money to buy the thing that has tempted them.


12. Perspective Disparities

The difference of opinion among couples happens to matter a lot. Couples, at the end of the day comprise of two human beings, who will always be different to each other. The difference of opinion among couples is so intense that it actually ends up being an argument from a discussion about spending habits.



Two people, will always have a difference of opinion, the key over here is that you don’t have to let anger do the talking. But, instead think about it; think about that other person and try thinking from their perspective, things will always seem a lot clearer. Remember, it’s not the opinion of one person, which matters in a marriage, but two.

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