10 Reasons Your Job Search is Not Working

by on October 27, 2010

Being tried with all the alternative measures from posting resumes on online job portals to mailing them to consultancies, still if your job search is not bringing you good results than there must be some gap in the efforts. Try bridging those gaps by overcoming your depression for not finding a job. There are ten reasons that could be responsible for your futile efforts for job search:

You are missing the cover letter online

Job seekers often miss writing a cover letter, while attaching their resume online, which is a major flaw. The cover letter leaves an impression for the candidate and serves as the body of the e-mail.

Cover letter should not be generic

Try avoiding writing generic cover letter. Your cover letter should clearly state all the aspects of your background and should be in accordance with the requirements demanded by the employer. The cover letter should be written specifically for a certain job.

Flooding the market with your résumé

Sending resume to every single organization with vacancies reflects your desperation for the job. Moving in such a way without thinking strategically does not bring good results. So, pick job opportunities selectively and go ahead with the same.

Not asking for the job

Many of you must not be candid enough to ask for the job, which the employers consider that the candidates are not enthusiastic about their position. Be frank in asking about your position in the company and whether it is in interest of you.

Getting distracted with other options

Job seekers often get distracted with a number of job opportunities lying on the internet either on job portals or in e-mails. Avoid searching here and there for the jobs. Be precise what you want, formulate he action plan and explore the opportunities accordingly.

Absence of networking

Job searchers should keep contact with networks of friends, family and previous employers. Networking could help you finding jobs through referrals or recommendations. Do utilize the knowledge and information from the members of networks around you. Be active on professional networking sites such as BrightFuse, Facebook or LinkedIn.

You are putting off the required actions

You must be applying to many jobs, but there is a possibility that you are not updating your resume, writing cover letter or following HR manager. You are putting off these required actions to sometime in future, which is delaying your success. So, develop a proactive approach, in order to get a good job.

Lack of research

Candidates applying to the companies sometimes don’t even have knowledge about the same. You should be updated with the current information about the company; you are or have applied for. Keep researching about the company.

Considering internet being the only job searching tool
No doubt internet job portals serve as good platform for finding jobs, but as per experts, most of the open positions are not advertised. To know about the undisclosed jobs, interact with human resource managers, recruiters and successful professionals.


Not keeping a follow-up

Once applying for the job and not getting any response, you think that you were not apt for the position. But, there could be another case also, your resume might not have reached or have got lost in massive applications. So, you need to keep follow-up through e-mail, phone or personalized letter within two weeks of sending your resume. Ensure that your resume was received, by contacting the hiring manager.

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Alexander Jade November 21, 2012 at 5:17 pm

I agree that “putting things off” is a very bad habit in the job search. I can’t think of how many times I’ve seen people “luck out” – but they were not lucky, they were carrying on their job search!


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