How to Recognize a Bad SEO Company and SEO Swindle

by on December 1, 2010

  1. Writing Meta data or optimizing a website is not very difficult to do since as per a technical standpoint inputting Meta data into the code of a web page does not really need a lot of programming skills. It has also been seen that in some of the cases, the web programs prompt you for Meta tags and all that you are expected to do is to type the words you want and the program creates and inserts the code for you.

However, in reality optimizing a website or managing nationwide SEO does require certain unique writing skills and an extensive knowledge of how robots work. This is very simple to understand, think over it. Almost anyone in this world can write an advertisement slogan but can every slogan help sell a product.

SEO (search engine optimization) is not just about naming pages and creating keyword phrases. It is a very important and necessary tool used for the “advertisement” of your website to robots and compel your human visitors to click through to your site.

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A bad SEO Company and SEO Swindles and can be recognized in the following ways:

Free Trial Services: “Try our services free for 30 days. Just give access to your site and see what we can do for you!” if this is what they are asking you to do, the answer is very simple, it’s a NO. Make sure you do not give your password and access information to anyone who offers you free trials.

Services that Are Under-Priced or Overpriced: If someone is offering you a price not in line with others, then be wary of such people. Sites like Elance have bidders coming up in all shapes and sizes. If a company has a strong reputation in the market, it will certainly not require business from Elance since all of it will be based on their reputation.

Indexing of Site in 48 Hours: One has to first do the SEO professional research to analyze the website. If someone promises to index your site by a major search engine, he is perhaps not doing two thirds of the work he is expected to do.

We Guarantee Page Rank of XX, or Top Ranking In XX Time: Anyone who promises a particular page rank or page ranking at all in a short time frame should not be trusted on business. This ranking is not done on a daily basis and instead is carried out periodically by Google.

Massive Search Engine Submissions: Almost everySEO claims the submission of your site to several other websites. However, the truth is that a well-done site does not even need to be submitted to the major search engines.

Hundreds of Links to Your Site: Links that you receive following such claims might hurt your website rather than helping it. If you really want to get links to your site all that you have to do is offer some meaningful content and take control of who promotes your products and services.

Stay away from Companies That Ask for Copyrights to SEO and Meta Data: Try and stay away from people or businesses who insist on retaining copyrights to any and all Meta data they create, edit, or analyze for you. This is so because if they have this right they might in near future bar you from using it.

Flat-Rate and Low Monthly Fee to Optimize and Promote Your Website: A good SEO does not come at cheap rates, as consulting alone can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. And in some cases, it has been seen that hours are spent thinking, analyzing and optimizing a website.

Companies That Will Not Answer Your Questions: If a company tries to look down at you, trying to show that you are dumb and they are superior to you, it’s high time you try them down.

Networking: If an SEO promises you things saying that they have some inner contacts at Google, do not trust them. If an SEO expert cannot do something in his own and rather wants to use his contact to help you, he’s perhaps not the right one to be with.

Unsolicited SEO Offers: If ever you get an unsolicited offer via email from someone who claims to have visited your site and found it very attractive, know one thing for sure that it’s only a spam.

Extortion Campaigns: There might be times when someone claims that they can damage your website if you do not let them SEO for it. Do not pay attention.

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