How to Choose the Right Career, Change Career Path

by on February 24, 2011

If you are unsure about choosing the right career or you think maybe it’s time to change career path then it’s time to choose something which you are more passionate about and something with greater scope of growth. It’s very important to know what you really want to do rest of your life and it becomes easy if you choose your area of interest and expertise which is the basic of choosing the right career for yourself.

Why Change Your Job or Career?

Most of the people tend to change their career several times unless they find a career they are looking for. This situation arises due to lack of decision making while making the choice of career. A career that you chose years back seemed absolutely perfect then, but now the picture is different as you no longer find your job interesting and you are not getting what you expected from your career. I will advise you a few steps that will help you find a new career, but it is quite possible that you may change it again in future. You must change your career if:

Your lifestyle has changed

Everyone makes a career choice while one is studying. At that time, you are single and you do not have any responsibilities, hence you choose anything that interests you. But now after years, you have a family and the career which you selected is not allowing you to spend quality time with them. Frequent official trips are keeping your schedule occupied, and then you should go for a career change where you can work and at the same time be there for your family whenever they need you.

Job outlook has worsened

Mostly the career choice is made based upon the technology which had the boom and was promising good job prospects. But years after making the choice, it has gone down with a bang and is no longer a field which promised to take you to the sky and the opportunities have reduced. Then you should surely look for an alternative career.

Job burnout

The most important rule for working is: One should do what he loves or should love what he does; only then he can enjoy his work. But if your job lacks the interesting factor and you no longer feel to work and changing companies has not helped you, then it is time you realize that this is not your piece of cake. Start looking for a career that will keep you on the run all the time.

Job is stressful

When you had chosen this job, the stress factor never bothered you. But now with increased responsibilities and age, you feel that you cannot handle the pressure. You should look for a better job for good physical and mental health.

Job seems boring

When you are not getting what you expected from your job, then you should seriously look for a change. As it is very common that people tend to choose a field expecting that it has advancement quality, but it turns out to be opposite. You do not have to repent, it is never too late and you can start a new career right away.

You want to earn more money

For some people, earning money is the first priority. But those who think that they can do anything for money are wrong. There are many people who were given big time earning opportunities but they just could not work for a long term because it either lacked interest factor or left them stressed. Hence higher paying jobs cannot guarantee the satisfaction, so always keep it last on your list too.

Finding the Right Career

It’s really important you follow a right career for yourself based on your passion, knowledge and expertise. There are number of questions which may pop into your mind regarding the right job or career. e.g.

  • What job is right for me?
  • What career should I choose?
  • How to find a new career?

Well, there can be many more questions but these are few of common questions which we will consider for now and following tips will help you to find the right career for yourself.

Career Tip 1

The first thing you should know is the way to translate your interests into a new career. If you do a little amount of research, you will be able to find many careers based on the things you love to do.

You can assess yourself by the following three methods.

Career Tests

There are many online tools which can guide you through the process of self-discovery. There are many questions, quizzes and temperament sorter which may not tell you about your perfect career, but they can identify what is important in your career. They also figure out what you like doing the most, and the areas where you can excel. An example used by the universities and the government is the RIASEC (“Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional”) interest scale. This scale identifies six common areas the people are drawn to, including investigative, social or artistic.

Free Online Career Test

Researching specific careers

After you have narrowed upon some specific jobs or career fields, you can find much information online. It will give you all the information regarding positions, average salaries and the estimated future growth. These sources will practically figure out the priorities.

Get Support from others

After you have assessed yourself from the online quizzes and research, you can talk to someone who is currently in that field. This will give you the entire idea on the field. You can also start to build connections and do networking in your field.

Career Tip 2

This is to evaluate your strengths and skills. After you have done your research works, you can take some time to figure out your skills. These skills are required in your work. These are called transferable skills. They can be applied in any field. These include:

  • Management and leadership experience
  • Communication (both written and oral)
  • Research and program planning
  • Public speaking
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Computer literacy
  • Foreign language fluency

Some tips for transfer skill

You shall never limit yourself to experiences only at work. You shall consider all types of activities like volunteering, hobbies, and life experiences. You shall always list your accomplishments that might be useful.

Career Tip 3

Now you shall develop your skills and experience. There are many ways to learn the skills. You will get a taste of your career while you are learning. You will have an opportunity to find out whether you are enjoying it or not. You shall always utilize your current position. Identifying resources in the community is very important. You shall always work voluntarily as intern, if required.

Career Tip 4

If you are getting de-motivated by your boss or your travelling time is more, you can start your own business. You need to be experienced in order to start a new business. A new business grows even in a slower economy if you can boost it up. You need to be very passionate and committed towards it. Doing a research on the business is very critical, especially when you are considering an online business. You shall always expect very limited earnings or no earnings during the initial stages.

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