20 Ways to Save Money On Your Car

by on November 25, 2010

Many of us go irrational when it comes to cars and start pampering them as our own kids. Even if you have a pretty good reason to spend on your car, here are some 20 ways which will let you know that you are actually uselessly wasting your money on cars.

Use of premium gas instead of a regular one

If you are in a habit of buying the cheapest gasoline that doesn’t make your car engine knock, this is the worst thing you are doing. Octane just does a little thing which is averting a knock; a grade higher than the maker of your car recommends is not a ‘treat’.

Change of oil

It has been seen that the manufacturers often recommend oil changes after 5,000 miles, 7,500 miles or even longer intervals. However  if you live in a cold climate, and take mostly very short trips, tow a trailer or have a high-revving, high-performance engine, you must go for the more aggressive schedule. But if you seldom drive your car, go by the calendar rather than your odometer, twice a year changes are the minimum.

20 Ways to save money on your car

Do you take false economies?

Remember that it is always better to replace a timing belt on the manufacturer’s schedule than to have it break somewhere in the western Nebraska. Also it’s better to pop for snow tires rather than to ride that low-profile rubber right into a tree.

Using the dealer’s maintenance schedule and not that of the factory

It’s very important for you to stick to the manufacturer’s schedule until and unless your car is not running well. If your engine doesn’t ‘miss’, skip a beat or make other odd noises there’s no need to change the spark plugs or wires until your manufacturer tells you to.

Taking the Help of a Dealer for Some Major Services

It has been seen that the independent shops always will do the same work much cheaper. Make sure that you call around, owner’s manual in hand, to look for, mindful and better quality.

Making use of the dealer for oil changes

Dealers are sometimes seen to be running some dirt-cheap specials, but otherwise you’ll usually find changes cheaper elsewhere.

Replace your air filter and wiper blades yourself

Instead of having a dealer of garage replaces all your air filter and wiper blades, it’s always better to buy them in a sale or discount.

Visiting an old repair shop

Always step into a car repair shop which is at least ASE- certified and make sure the shop is well- kept where they are ready to answer all your questions.

Changing the antifreeze every winter

Changing the antifreeze every two years is just fine. Also change it only when a hydrometer suggests it will no longer withstand temperatures 30 degrees below the coldest your area sees in winter.

Do you replace tires when actually you should be replacing shocks?

Uneven or peculiar wearing of the tires might be because of the ill alignment of the shocks or struts.

Letting a brake squeal turn into a brake job

Squeal doesn’t always mean that you need new rotors or pads it just that they are mostly annoying. First look at the thickness of the pads for pads thicker than a quarter-inch are probably fine. See to it that your car brakes do not emit a constant, high-pitched whine and that the pads are thinner than a quarter-inch, replace them.

You do not complain even after the rejection of your warranty claim

Make sure that you check Alldata and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to see if a technical service bulletin (TSB) has been issued about the component in question.

Keeping your records

You need to keep a check of everything and keep a logbook for it would help you see if there’s a something seriously out of whack. A service logbook too is of utmost help when you plan to sale your car.

Buy an extended warranty

While most manufacturers wait for your regular warranty to expire you must beforehand see to it and decide if your car is troublesome enough to require the extended warranty.


Reconsider, only after you add you’re deductible to your yearly bill for collision and comprehensive coverage and then compare the total with the wholesale value of the car, and this comes out to be more than half.

Considering the problem to be very big

It’s not necessary that there is some problem with the radiator if your car is overheating but does not have a busted hose of steam.

You do not change your fuel filter

Make sure you get your fuel filter replaced as part of your cars maintenance.

Know how to change the tyre

When you change the tyre of your car yourself it’s not even cheaper it is also faster.

Keep the tyres of your car properly inflated

Keep a check on your tyres once a month.

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Edward Moore February 3, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Always have a maintenance on your cars. You can save money by having an auto insurance for it. Check also regularly the parts of you cars and change it to new ones.


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