Do you Blog or Leech?

by on September 2, 2011

Billions  and billions of internet searches are made everyday and still growing, this has given rise to a multi-billion dollar internet advertising business which has given opportunity for bloggers to make money from their blogs but autoblogs and content stealers are biting big chunk off the online advertising  . People are spending a significant amount […]

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The term blogging is no more just a fancy term, it’s become more common and there are millions and millions of blogs online and millions adding up every day. A blog now is not just a personal website but a tool for regular source of income for many. The competition is  immense and the opportunities to grow […]


Many a times the new websites fail to get customers. Even if you have invested a lot of money to get a beautiful website, it is not necessary that you will get customers. So what is the solution? The answer to the problem is blogging. Your website provides detailed information regarding what you do, where […]


Benefits of Business Blogging

by on July 30, 2010

Having a blog on your website which is regularly filled with quality content can benefit your business in many ways. Business blogging processes always have positive reviews. A businessman should be willing to take up the challenge of operating their own blog for the following reasons: Search engine friendly: People will locate your website more […]