Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas You don’t have to spend big bucks to have a memorable valentine’s day with your lover. Be unique and surprise your valentine with a special plan that he/she wouldn’t have thought of, after all surprise is the only element that keeps the fire burning between the couples. Candle light dinner at […]


Tips to Travel on a Budget

by on January 4, 2011

The common man as we now know was once a nomad. The man, before everything else, learnt how to travel and explore. The quest to see the unseen has been the greatest driving force for all the mankind. Travelling gives us the pleasure, which can’t be found in routine. A good traveler is the one […]

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The depression of the legal matters doubles as you are reminded about the expenditure of the lawyer. The lawyer’s fee, which is usually high, may be difficult to manage within your budget. Therefore, you need to have better understanding on how to deal with legal matters in accordance to your budget. The following steps make […]

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Are you planning your wedding? But want it to be inexpensive and best. Well this happens to everyone except the millionaires or billionaires, in my point of view having a flawless wedding in a rationed budget is no big deal, and if you are thinking my first tip for you will be going short on […]