How to Detect Lying

by on November 10, 2010

Though the indicators are not foolproof, yet in most of the cases body language and facial expressions tend to be good indicators to detect when a person is lying. These indicators help you know if something is wrong and warn you to be alert. The postures, movements and facials expressions often show some signs of […]


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Apple would never have imagined that the year 2010 will bring such ups and downs for them; it’s been heck of a rollercoaster ride for them this year. Let’s have a look at their journey so far this year: Success of iPad After the announcement of Apple’s iPad back in January this year with a […]


Many of us have been victimized by the new age banks, which say we are here to serve you, but do the exact opposite and should change their punch line to “we are here to loot you”. At an average four out of five people have fallen into the traps of the high tech banking […]

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No more wondering on “how to lose your job“, try these 20 killer tips, which will surely get you kicked out of your job and you can join the list of unemployed people. First you need to figure out the purpose of getting yourself fired, if you are absolutely certain then only try these tips. […]

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Bankruptcy is an extreme move when an individual or an organization is incapable of paying their debts. In case of a legal bankruptcy the creditors are allowed to seize the assets of the debtor, who could not pay his debts. There are around 2 million bankruptcy filings every year within US only. Filing bankruptcy means […]


Oil Spill is one of the most dangerous man-made disasters which leave its stains on the environment for a very long time. The recent Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which started in April this year and is continued till date splitting millions of gallons per day, is a live example. One of […]


As the Internet is gaining popularity these days so are the people related to it. Many Internet Enterpreures have got them listed in many top lists across the world, so here we are with the list of top ten Internet celebrities of 2010. Mark Zuckerberg The 26 year old guy, best known co-founder of the […]