Baba Ramdev to Thrust into Politics

by on February 26, 2011

The Congress party has put forth their demand as per which they have asked Baba Ramdev to present a public detail of his properties and enlist the sources of income. Baba Ramdev who alleges that his yoga postures have the ability to cure the most malignant of diseases has reportedly got into a tangle with […]


Reliance Industries Tie-up with BP

by on February 22, 2011

One of the India’s largest foreign investments has been undertaken by the richest man in Asia. He is not just the chairman of India’s biggest listed Company but is also believed to live in one of the largest and most expensive homes in the world. Mukesh Ambani, 53, with a net worth estimated at $29 […]


What was Rajiv Gandhi’s fatal error in politics? It does not need a seer to say that it was his claim to honesty — branding himself as ‘Mr Clean’ — that proved fatal to him. Indira Gandhi was his contrast. Asked about corruption in her government, she said nonchalantly, ‘it was a global phenomenon’. This […]


Corruption in India is not a secret from anyone, as it is prevalent from private to the public sector and almost everyone in the system is part of the misdoings. However, the extent to which the Indian public sector employees and politicians have taken corruption to is drastic. The damage caused by corruption to the […]


A total new computer generation is on the verge of exploding with India launching a new computer available at an unbelievable cost of $35 especially for its younger studying generation. The tablet PC as light as 400 grams comes loaded with all the possible normal computer applications. Mr Kapil Sibal India’s Union Human Resource Development […]