It’s a fact that people lose money in the stock market.  Let’s face it, there are good and bad market days and nobody wins everyday.  However, there are quite a few people that lose in the stock market over the long term.  By losing, we don’t mean necessarily losing money, but rather, underperforming the market over […]


Risks Involved in Day Trading

by on August 16, 2010

Day trading is one of the riskiest types of investments in the share market. People who do day trading buy a share in the hope that its price will increase or decrease as per their estimates. They expect to make a profit through this process and speculate about the way a market will move during […]

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A Guide to Day Trading

by on May 18, 2010

In olden times day trading was only accessible by banks as they had the full access to the census and market conditions. But Now with the help of internet boom and developed technology there has been an increase in the no of individual traders as they now have direct access to the complete market data […]

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Planning to invest your savings in some good investment instrument but not sure which one it would be or planning to invest in stocks? Well that is what we are here for. Investing in stocks is a tricky affair but trust me it’s worth the pain. You just have to be quick witted and brainy […]

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