The Massive Impact of BP Oil Spill To Date

by on June 8, 2010

Day 49 and The massive Deep Water Horizon spill still continues, throwing tones of Crude every day into the Gulf of Mexico which has reached to almost every shore of the world in last few weeks in one or the other way. Government and the latest technology are all in vain in front of this catastrophic Scenario. The spill which started from the sea floor on 20th April this year after the blowout of the oil well has already caused a total loss of 10 million gallons of oil till now. This major disaster has shaken every part of US and has been named as the “Black Storm”. It is predicted to disturb everything from a bird to a politician around the country. While the efforts are still continued in order to control and stop the spills, a lot of environmentalist have shown there concern over the after effects of the mishap. According to the researchers and scientists who are observing and keeping the record of the spill, the spread has been estimated till Florida, but few also say that the winds can and will take the spill toward the east coast beaches by July. Moreover the statements released by the BP officials have lead to a great disapprobation amongst many Environmentalists. Many wildlife and Environmental groups have accused BP of holding true evidences and information about the extent and widespread of the slick. But by under viewing the current and available data they have concluded a vast list of consequences of the Spill:

The oil slick appears as a dull gray on the water's surface and stretches south from the Mississippi Delta with what looks like a tail. Image Credit: Nasa

Ecological Impact

The spill is going to cause various kinds of environmental disasters like Petroleum Toxicity and Oxygen Depletion, causing life threat to about 400 different species of animals and birds including the endangered species of the Ridley Turtles that live on the marshlands. Till now almost 500 of dead birds, 250 dead turtles and 27 mammals including Dolphins have been recovered from the spill zone. The spill has caused a great disturbance to the ecosystem which would take decades to recover from this intrusion.

Impacts on Fisheries

The state of emergency which was declared in Louisiana due to the prediction of oil slick reaching its shores lead to a lot of activities in the fishing department as they didn’t want to lose the shrimps and other marine. But still after many efforts, estimate loss by fishery industry could be around $3 Billion.

Impacts on Tourism

Many foreign tourists have cancelled their trips to coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama fearing the arrival of oil on the beaches. These activities have caused heavy loss to the Tourism Industry. Thus dropping the amount of tourists up to 70 Percent of the expected arrivals.

Impact on the US economy

Well not much have been observed till now but a major is yet to come as predicted by many Economists, many earning sectors are likely to be affected by the aftermath affects of the spill leading to the shut down of many industries and businesses around the coastal region. Though the oil rates have not seen any appraisals but still a lot of people are expected to loose there job due to the termination of offshore drilling in Louisiana.

Impact on BP

After accepting the responsibility of the spill, it has been reported that BP had to bear $900 million on the expenditures till now excluding the claims from the affected industries. It is also said that a total amount of $21 billion has been lost by the five companies which were connected with the disastrous oil well. The problems for BP haven’t ended yet as their share plunges down to more that one-third of its rear value, because of which a takeover is being predicted due to the fall of its value in the stock market.

Impact shown in Pictures:

photo credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

photo credit: CHARLIE RIEDEL / AP

photo credit: Flickr

photo credit: Greg Jennings and Sarah Gould/ABC

photo credit: Brian Snyder/Reuters

photo credit: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo

photo credit: Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

photo credit: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo

photo credit: CHARLIE RIEDEL / AP

photo credit: Alex Brandon/AP Photo

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Samuel Preveda July 11, 2010 at 8:29 pm

This is a great article. I quoted part of it for a post about Sarah Palin and her reactions to the oil spill. Thank you for your work!


Yan May 9, 2011 at 10:21 am

Good story and good pics!!!!!!!!!!!!


ABUSAD SYED August 13, 2011 at 3:15 am

it is very danger for marines life, WHO should take of this


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