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by on March 16, 2011

Weekend comes as a welcome relief from the hectic weekdays and lots of people think of spending weekend without shelling money from their pocket. So here are 100+ weekend ideas that ensure complete fun and leisure but at the same time assured to be easy on your pocket. These are the activities which you can perform alone, with family, friends or your love partner. Since the list is long enough, so there’s something for everyone’s individual interest.

  • Things to do with family
  • Things to do which are constructive
  • Things to do when bored
  • Things to do for relaxation
  • Things to do alone
  • Things to do with your partner (Wife / Girlfriend)

Things To Do With Family

Go On a Family Picnic. Look out for the interesting cultural heritage sites and monuments in your city and plan a walking trip to same. Pack your lunch and plan picnic to any of the serene and secluded place with your loved ones.

Go On a Nature Hike. Spend some time in observing nature and make notes of natural things or collect them. Sitting in the lap of mother earth, you will feel divine and relaxed. If you are a nature lover like me then utilize this time by spending it alone by yourself, let your mind free and appreciate the stunning creation of almighty.

Camp in Your Back Yard. Setup a back yard camp and spend your night under the open sky. You won’t have to travel anywhere and also you will not have to bother about wild animals intruding in your camp.

Have a Bonfire. This is one of my favorites on the list. Sitting around the bonfire with your family, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. Activities such as this where all the family members can enjoy together helps bring the family members closer to each other.

Trace Your Family History. Collect information about your ancestors and ensemble your family tree. Try to link your distant cousins as well for making it deeper. This will give you a clear picture of your heritage and family roots.

Play an Indoor Game. Indulge in board games: Most of us have numerous board games stocked up in our cupboards. Open up any of your choice and play it with your family or friends for ultimate fun and weekend time pass.

Perform Routine Maintenance on the Car and Teach the Family “How-To”. Perform car maintenance routine and change car oil with your family by your side. Weekend is a best time to spend some quality time with your vehicle and your family. Bring oil and teach yourself and your family this simple activity with the help of your car manual. Carry a pan for catching wasted oil and a funnel for putting back the wasted oil. You and your family will enjoy how easy the process is and you also save money.

Your Own Family Movie. Share your knowledge via video on YouTube. Capture video of any activity you do in particular, which might interest others as well using your digital camera and upload it on You Tube for others reference. You can also make funny family videos and share it with your friends; it’s also a great way of capture those great moments forever.

Have a Family Reunion. what can be better than catching up with your long lost family members, uncles, and aunts. Organize a family reunion and invite your family members. Catch up with them and have the best time of your life. Also, you can get to know what’s cooking in whose life.

Make an Emergency Evacuation Plan for the House. Emergency can hit anytime and that time having an evacuation plan save lives. So, in your free time on weekends just make an evacuation plan and be a savior for your family.

Look for Recyclable Items around Town; Spend the Money on a Family Treat. go for a stroll on the street and carry a bag with you. Be a good citizen of the society and look for recyclable things. Now collect those items and sell them in the market. This will get you quite handsome money that can be spent on giving a treat to your family.

Write a family newsletter. This is a nice way to stay in touch with your family. Write a family newsletter and fill it with the current happenings in your family to keep all the members informed about each other.

Learn Some Magic Tricks. Try to get acquainted with some magic tricks secrets and practice them in weekends. Once you think you have mastered few tricks, perform them to your kids/grand kids. Kids love magic tricks as it is really fascinating to see their dad perform some magic tricks for them and it helps to build a strong relationship with your child. There are plenty of videos on youtube on magic tricks secrets, look for some simple tricks which you can do with coins and cards.

Watch a TV Show Together. Sit down with your spouse and spend some quality time watching TV. Also, discuss your future plans and long term goals with him/her. Also ask your partner what they want from you and give them your support. This will strengthen your relationship.

Bake Something For Family. Improve your baking skills. Your kitchen must be having everything required for baking a loaf of regular bread. So try your hands out on baking and bake some delicious homemade bread for ultimate night feast. If you are new to the cooking arena then simply pickup a cooking book for dummies and get started with some simple recipes.

Perform some house maintenance. If you have little kids at your home then just teach them the tricks to do cleaning of the house. This way you can clean your house and can make it as beautiful as it is.

Go Shopping with Family. Shopping with family can be entertaining and a happy experience. If your kids have been asking for something to buy for them then it’s the best opportunity to take them along and let them buy themselves. Don’t forget to buy something for your wife; you wouldn’t want your weekend to end in a disastrous way.

Read a book Together. Read a hard hitting book that actually gives your insights some fruit of knowledge and wisdom. Go for award winning novels and read them with full concentration for better understanding. And when you will read with your partner then things would be more romantic. Look for some interesting book and read it while lazing on the couch. Get yourself sucked in the book completely and enjoy the company of your partner to the fullest for a wonderful weekend.

Help Your Kids with Their Homework. This is a nice idea, it will help you take some burden off your kids and will also help them enjoy the weekend with you. Also it will enhance your bonding with them.

Build a Tree House. Become a little kid and build a tree house. Let your imagination go wild and construct an amazing tree house. Then cook something for yourself and sit in the tree house to unwind.

Constructive Things To Do

Start a Collection. You can opt this as a past time hobby. Collect old coins, fossils, meteorite rocks, stamps or anything of your choice. If you find something unique and precious, you may be able to sell it for some money.

Learn How To Play a Musical Instrument. Look for an instrument of your interest and start learning how to play it. Weekend is the best time to learn your long lost hobbies and learning a musical instrument can be one of them. Tutorials for the same are also easily available on internet.

Tutorial for Beginners (Videos)

There are many other tutorials on web which you can check out for your favorite musical instrument and start learning.

Make Crafts. Look for scrap papers, glue and scissors and give your creative mind a run. Make airplanes, birds, sceneries, and so on with the scrap things and utilize your time to the best.

Volunteer For a Local Non-Profit Group. Be a volunteer and join local non-profit group that works for the betterment of the society. You ca contribute towards a healthy and better society. Your little efforts might prove very big for the society.

Learn Sign Language. It is quite interesting to learn sign language. If you have been thinking of learning sign language for a long time then it is the right time to do so this weekend. Just go to internet and learn sign language. This would give you a content feeling deep within.

Learn a Foreign Language. Some may think how learning a language can be free, but believe me it can if you find some good resource over the internet. Look out for online tutorials and brush up your language skills.

Learn Something New About Your Computer. Sharpen your computer programming skills by getting associated with some open source programming project over the weekend. Help in coding and running of that program and give yourself an extra bite of knowledge and experience.

Write To a Pen Pal In a Foreign Land. Make a call or write to a friend or relative. The best time to get in touch with those you didn’t had word for a long time is weekend. Make a point to write them and rekindle the time you have spent together.

Write Poetry. Let your emotions come out and write some good piece of poetry. Poems are a great way of expressing your feelings. You can write romantic poems, adventure poems, or funny poems to spend time. Don’t worry if you are not much of a writer, it can be hard to rhyme words in the beginning but keep practicing and keep learning. Read out your poem to your family / friends and ask for their opinions and areas of improvement.

Write a Story. Use your creativity and write a story. This will take some time obviously but at the end you will be very satisfied. Express your feelings through written words and write something that all your near and dear ones will enjoy.

Learn CPR. If you don’t know CPR procedure then it’s a great opportunity to spend your weekend while learning CPR. CPR is an emergency procedure attempted on a person who has a cardiac arrest and has stopped breathing. If you know CPR you may be able to save someone’s life in an emergency situation.

Learn about the stock market. This is something that is truly a constructive use of your free time. It will help you to understand the intricacies of the market without investing a single penny and this will help you make investments in the future too.

If equity and stocks are new to you then it’s a great opportunity for you to invest you weekend time in learning something which will help you create wealth for you in future. Many people keep away from stock market just because they have heard that you always lose money in stock market but the truth is very different. Once to get to know about stocks market and how to invest in stock market in a secure way, you shall be able to reap upwards of 10% per year on your investment. By gaining more knowledge and experience in stock market you will be able to push the returns on your investments way above 10% per year.

Donate Goods To A Local Charity. There are endless volunteer projects you can spend time on and also give your contribution to some social work. It will also give you a feeling of accomplishment that you have done something for the society. Ask a local charity if they need your help in any work, this will make you feel fulfilled and also give you good reputation in the society.

Visit a Local Historical Site. Just go to any historical site and in case you are an architect or lover of history then an excursion to these places can help you know about the history. You will surely enjoy yourself to the core.

Write an Article for Your Local Newspaper. Write an information or a politically are piece for your local newspaper. They will publish it under their citizen reporter section. This is a nice way to constructively use your weekend.

Submit an Article to a Magazine. if you wish to do something resourceful then simply write an article and send it to the magazine. If it gets selected then you would get a byline and it would be proud feeling. Also, you can write on topics of human interest as it can contribute towards spreading awareness in the society.

Clear The Snow From Your Neighbor’s Driveway. Prove a good and helpful neighbor. Help clean snow from their driveway. Clean up your nearby walkways and parks for greener and cleaner surroundings. You can also invite people for the help. Trash the trash in the garbage bin for reducing the chances of breeding mosquitoes. This will get your admiration and thanks from the neighbors. And you never know you could also be rewarded for the same.

Collect Food For Poor. Helping poor, physically handicapped or even your needy neighbor can be a good weekend money free activity. Collect some food from the neighborhood and offer it to the poor. This will give you a satisfactory feeling.

Try Photography. Put on your photographers cap and take out your digital camera for capturing some fun moments. Take beautiful pictures of people, places, landscapes and anything you find interesting. Photography is an altogether different yet enjoying weekend activity.

Things To Do When Bored

Surf the Internet. Search the internet and look for the topics of your interest which you are willing to learn for a long time. There are several lectures, case studies and other material available on the internet which is quite enough for learning the basics of any new topic. If you are not in a mood to learn anything then still there are many things you can do online like play online games, watch videos, browse funny pictures and spend your whole day aimlessly browsing the internet.

Play in a Mud Hole. Cleanliness is not always important. You can also play in a mud hole and remember your childhood days. You can also get some little friends together to play with you in a mud hole.

Throw a party for no particular reason. This might be a little on the expensive side on your scheme of things. The party however can involve some close friends. This is a nice way to perk up everyone’s mood. After all, being happy should not involve any particular reason.

Play Pranks on Strangers/Neighbors. If fun strikes you instantly then don’t waste any more time. Simply play pranks on your neighbors or strangers and spend your weekend rolling on floor laughing. Also make sure your pranks don’t offend or insult anyone, play mild pranks so the person on whom the prank is played can also have a laugh.

Go roller skating. Get set to move on wheels that too without spending a single penny on fuel expenses. Get moving in the streets and enjoy an adventurous day ahead of you. Get in touch with the kid inside you.

Play in the Snow. Playing in the snow instills a feeling of happiness. Take you friends or spouse along with you and play in the snow. Throw snow towards each other and get cozy in the cold environment.

Play in a Pile of Leaves. Relax a little, unleash the kid inside you and play in a pile of leaves with your kids/wife/girlfriend. Enjoy till you are hungry for a healthy meal. It’s a great way to relax yourself from stress. Always remember that we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Play Video Games. This is a fun way to spend a weekend. Borrow some arcade games from your friends, also invite them over to your house and play against each other. Choose a video game with a good storyline and then start playing it. You will not even know where your weekend vanished.

Visit An Old Friend. Catch up with your old friend, go out for some fun and remember the time spent together. You will love your talks together and would also get to know about what’s happening in their life.

Make And Fly Paper Airplanes. Get back to your childhood and make paper airplanes and also have competition for knowing which one flies best. You can use scrap paper or old newspapers for this activity. Don’t forget to check the weather report for the day, flying in cloudy conditions can be dangerous.

Play an Outdoor Game. Play your favorite game outside with your friends. Soccer is a first choice of every sports enthusiast, so spend your weekend playing soccer with your gang of buddies. Even you are not very aware of the game, you can at least give the ball a kick and also improve your soccer skills.

Watch a Local Sports Event. Indulge in community sports: community sports grounds maintained by your society are quite common among youngsters and adults. You can just stop by and enjoy any of the ongoing sport events during the weekend or even participate in your choice of sports.

Go for a Bike Ride. Come out of the door of your house and select direction that interests you most. A long unplanned bike ride will give you time to think and also experience new thinks which you might have missed due to your busy schedule.

Climb a Mountain. If nothing strikes you expect boredom on this weekend, have some fun and climb a mountain. This would help you pass your time and hike through the unknown destinations. Also, it is a great way to exercise.

Make Model Boats and Float Them in Your Local Lake. Make local boats and if you don’t know how then browse through the internet. Make some good model boats and go to the nearest lake. Now float these boats and take pleasure from your self made boats. Make sure as well to have extra boat batteries in case of an emergency!

Milk a cow. Milking a cow is something which you do not get to do every day unless you were born on a farm. This is a fun activity that will also help you to understand how the smallest of things are done in a fun way.

Ride a horse. Ride into the countryside and explore the various beautiful sights that the nature has to offer. Not everyone gets a chance to spend a day cowboy style, Yeehaa.

Make a Bucket list or List of things you want to do after you retire. You can use these spare moments over the weekend to actually make plans for your retirement. Make a list of things which you would want to do in your lifetime, its great fun making a bucket list and it will be adventurous once you start working on it.

Things to do for relaxation

Start an Exercise Program. Weekend is the best time to start your exercise regimen. Start with basic exercising like sit-ups, push-ups, jogging, etc. Give yourself a stress test and plan out a strict exercising regimen.

Walk on the Beach. A walk along the beach side can instill a sense of serenity and evoke your sense. So, go for a walk along the beach side and experience the calmness and solace near the sea front. Also, walk barefoot at the sea side and enjoy this alluring feeling.

Watch a sunrise. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a day start in front of your eyes. When you will start your weekend in such a way, it will definitely perk up your mood for the entire time span.

Watch a sunset. Like starting the day with the sunrise, ending it by watching the sunset is also an idea that will fill you with a feeling of calmness and serenity. Try it out for a beautiful bookend to your entire weekend.

Go To a Church/Temple. Going to a church or temple will help you get closer to the god. Here you can let your inner feeling come out and discuss things with the almighty. Religious inclination will also help you in getting to know yourself better and worshiping is one of the best ways of self learning.

Take a Nap. Relaxing and rejuvenating is the right word for your afternoon nap during weekends. So, take some time out and snooze in the afternoon for a comfy weekend. This would help you to revitalize and refresh yourself especially if the week has been hectic for you.

Listen to Calming Music. Another thing that can be done to pass your time this weekend is to sit and listen to some soft music numbers of your favorite music composer. Calming music will offer you a healing therapy.

Visit a Spa. There can be nothing as tantalizing as visiting a spa and unwinding yourself. A visit to the spa can revitalize you and can soothe your mind, body and senses. So, have a rocking weekend by going to a spa.

Take Bubble Bath. Fill your bath tub with warm water, put in your best bathing soap and some drops of essential oil and relax in that for long hours and feel how your bones are getting relaxed and making you feel calm.

Do meditation. Medication is the best way to push out the stress at weekend and also calm your senses. Learn some basic meditation techniques and give yourself some peaceful time during weekend.

Plant a Garden. Planting your own garden will give you a self proud feeling as it is wonderful to contribute towards the nature. Also, when your plants will grow up, you can name them and remember the beautiful memories.

Go-Swimming. There is no chance that you do not have a swimming pool in your town. Include swimming in your weekend activity and make it a habit for gaining fitness. Also, you can rejuvenate and relax in the water.

Go Fishing. Fishing is one activity that is loved by all. In the picturesque environment, sit down relax and spend some lonesome time all by yourself. Look for the fishes and drown yourself in deep memories and thinking. It will help you unwind and spend a carefree weekend. If you want you can take your kids along with you but make sure you don’t impose your decision on them, let them choose if they want to go or not.

Bird Watch. Simply sit by the window side or go to the nearest park to enjoy bird watch. Everyone from the childhood wishes to fly like a bird and there is nothing as beautiful as watching the birds fly high in the sky. So, sit by the window side and admire the beauty endowed by god.

Things to do alone

Wash your Car. It’s true that boys never grow up, only their toys become expensive. If you love your car like a baby then what can be a better way than to spend some time with your car. Wash your car, put some car polish on it and shine it like a new machine.

Join a Local Scout Group. You can just go to a scout group and join it. It would be fun doing new things and learn leadership qualities this weekend. You never know your good work might make you a scout leader.

Decorate Your House for a Holiday. Clean up your messy room and decorate the complete house. This would help you make your house look like a new one and that too without any money. There is nothing as good as decorating and redoing your house. In fact it gives contentment.

Visit a Flea Market. Go to a flea market and shop for small things that you need in a day-to-day life. You can also pick cheap clothes from the flea market. Also, make sure you don’t break the law by purchasing any bootleg music and music.

Go to an Auction. Going to an auction necessarily doesn’t mean that you go to an auction and bid on something. You can just sit quietly and notice everybody bidding. It would be a fun thing to do.

Have A Garage Sale. Garage sale is undoubtedly the best way to clean up your unwanted stuff. In addition, it gives you a chance to make some good money on your money free weekend.

Visit A Local Art show. Go to any nearby art show and analyze the various art pieces at display. You can take idea from these shows and can try your hands at some of them at your home too.

Go on a Diet. simply assume a diet and make sure that you take proper time out to construct a diet plan. Also, perform some exercises and use your time.

Walk through Your Local Mall. If you don’t wish to purchase anything then just take a stroll in the nearby mall. You can just go for window shopping and can see people around. It is fun to listen to the chirping of people and see them talking or fighting with their partners.

Test Drive your Dream Car. Go to local car dealer and arrange a test drive for your dream car. You may not be able to afford it right now so you will have to pretend that you are rich and you can afford one. Take the car for a drive in the city and turn some heads with envy.

Send postcards. How long has it been since you have sent out a postcard to your dear ones? Use your weekend to do the same. It will not only help you spend your time constructively but will also make your dear ones feel special when they will receive your post card.

Walk Around the Block. Taking a leisurely walk around the block will not only be rejuvenating but will also help you be an avid observer. See some old friends, spot some new faces and introduce yourself to the new people in the block.

Request A Song On The Radio. Dig up an old favorite and request it on the radio, when you will hear your name being announced with your favorite song it will definitely make your day. You can surprise your loved one by dedicating a song for them on live radio.

Plant A Tree. Do your duty towards the environment. Plating a tree will not take much but will help save the environment for sure. This is a time consuming activity but at the end of the day you will surely feel very good about it.

Donate Items To A Disaster Relief Effort. There can be nothing better to do on a weekend than helping your fellow human beings. Seek some unused items in your house and donate them to a disaster relief effort. After all nothing can be better than making someone else happy with your efforts.

Learn About Local History. Utilize your time to understand your town or city in a better way. Take a book or use the Internet to find out some interesting facts about your town or city’s history. Who knows, you may actually end up finding something really interesting.

Spend a Day doing nothing (not as easy as you think). Sit at your couch, watch TV, switch on the music system, cook for yourself, and again watch TV and sleep. Pass your time doing nothing and wasting 24 hours of your day. It’s ok to do it sometimes.

Clean out Your Closets. Cleaning up your wardrobe is the best thing you can do over the weekend. Get your closet organized by getting rid of unwanted garments and bring out space for new things.

Weed the Yard. This is one task that we feel lazy about as most of the weeding involves to be done manually. Weeding will help your plants grow well and your garden will look more beautiful.

Clean The Garage. Just go to your garage and empty it by separating the useless items. Also, you can go for a garage sale of items that you do not require. This can help you pass time and make some money too.

Visit a Local Farm. For the nature lovers, visiting a farm can be exciting. They can rest in the lap of mother earth and can rejuvenate themselves and their tired bones. Also, you can get to see the flora and fauna of the local farm.

Visit an Antique Show. Go for an antique show and spend some time appreciating the antique pieces. You can take your friend along with you for a company and can have chilling time watching the antique show.

Get an Aquarium. Go for fishing and collect fishes in a bowl or buy an aquarium and keep noticing the fishes for hours. You would not even realize that the time passed by and this would help you spend time at your weekend.

Make Your Own Greeting Cards. Brush up your creative skills and spend time in preparing some handmade cards for different occasions. You can add computerized photographs, motifs, colors and sparkles to make your cards attractive and expressive.

Write to a Relative. Write a letter to your relative and express your gratitude towards him/her. Tell them about what’s going on at your side and crack few jokes. Ask them about their health and your concerns related to them. And, request for a reply back.

Get a Pet. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have a pet for this. You can also play with your neighbor’s pet. Nothing can beat the pleasure of scratching pets belly or playing Frisbee with them.

Things to do with your partner

Romantic Dinner with Your Partner. A dinner date with your partner can be fulfilling. It is best to take your partner to a good restaurant or a café, chit-chat together and kiss goodbye to a lovely weekend.

Go for a Long Drive. If the weather is pleasant then take advantage of it and go for a long drive with your wife/girlfriend, I’m sure you both will love it. To avoid weekend rush go to some place outside city because families go out in weekends for picnics, movies etc. and you wouldn’t want to spend your lovely weekend driving in city traffic and yelling at other drivers to move fast.

Plan a Vacation. Make the best use of your weekend by spending time in planning you next summer vacation. You can take help of internet for deciding on location and affordable holiday package deal that ensure maximum fun at pocket friendly prices.

Visit a Romantic Spot Of Your City. It’s a great way to revive young memories which you spent with your partner. It’s inexpensive and an utterly romantic way to tell her that you still love spending time with her.

Paint T-shirts Using Water Color. It is a fun idea to take out some old waste T-shirts and imbibe your name over them. You can also make some cartoons or pictures of your favorite pop star and let your creativity come out.

Hopefully, this small list of things to do for free ideas will help you out in planning a fun and relaxing weekend. So, choose your idea and plan your weekend accordingly without shelling a single penny from your pocket. Make sure that you have the best time over the weekend.

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