Things to Know Before You Hire an SEO Agency

by on November 30, 2010

There are several other things that a business owner needs to take care of than showing concern or getting worried about search engine optimization (commonly known as: SEO). If you are a business owner, there are three options that you have:

  • Do not fret about it and think that it will take care of itself in every way possible.
  • Know well or learn about the science and art of SEO. Design it in such a way that all the search engines like it.
  • You may even hire a professional agency or a consultant who can take good care of it.

While most of the people think that hiring an agency is an expensive thing, but the reality is that it is not as daunting as it sounds. This is said to cost from $100 per month to a few thousand dollars per project. However, the money you spend is not as much the benefits you will get when you do so. For, a professional will help drive significant traffic to your site and help you know where the traffic came from.

There are two types of SEO Agencies:

  1. One is a fully outsourced solution, where all you are required to do is pay the fee and they will take care of everything else.
  2. The other option is more hands-on, where you will be expected to take care of everything. Of course, with the help of their tools. Here you will be more actively involved in monitoring and overseeing the campaign and execution.

What’s with the “Guaranteed #1 Ranking in Google”?

Atool, agency or consultant promising you a number one ranking for your site is actually a very wrong thing to do and one has to be smart enough to figure that out. This is something which cannot be guaranteed at all. Also, if this promise has been made to you then what about the other clients of the agency, who would also have been promised the same thing? Moreover, how can two sites be at the number one rank? The moment an agency promises you this, just run away.

What is to be expected from your SEO Agency?

The first thing that is to be expected is a significant return on investment (ROI). Also, hiring a SEO agency is very similar to hiring an Ad agency. What sense does it make to spend your money on something when you know there are no returns to it?

A few benefits you can expect from your SEO agency:

  1. An increase in traffic to your site.
  2. Giving the details as to from where the traffic came, which could include keywords, referral links (other website that have linked to your site), location of clicks (this can be broken down by city, state and country).
  3. The campaigns which have proved to be profitable and the ones which did not work out well and need to be dropped.
  4. The maintenance and the creation of your sitemap.xml file. This file tells search engines exactly what’s on your site, and where to find it.
  5. Link building.
  6. Keyword optimization for the site as well as for specific pages, including your blog.

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