Top 20 Leadership Qualities

by on May 3, 2010

If one needs to be a successful person then he must be a good leader as well. If a person is not capable of managing a team and leading it, then the scope of progress is little. Bill gates and Steve jobs are two strong business leaders of the modern world, who brought revolution in technology. If you think they are successful at their places then they must have done things right at the right time to get to that level where they are, whether you like them or not just try to do what they have been doing from so long.

  1. How to handle people – Individuals differ in many senses, to be a good leader one must know the technique of dealing and handling different types of people, it’s a great way of maintaining healthy and social balance in our lives.
  2. Never look down at the failure – One must consider a failure as a challenge and not as end of anything, we must try to learn from our failures instead of losing hope and giving up, because there’s always another chance.
  3. Be a good competitor – One must be a healthy competitor and I keep one updated about social, economic and political surrounding, and try to grab any unique and latest information or skill.
  4. Be calm – Being calm is really important for any person to take any important decisions of life, one must try to give their best even under the pressure conditions by not loosing there temper.
  5. Be alert – One must really be alert about their surroundings to react to the happenings going on in the environment, because only a mentally alert person can put up right questions at the right time..
  6. Enjoy doing your work – The person who does not do their work with their interest is not efficient in giving up the profitable outcomes.
  7. Have good communication skills – One  must possess good communicating ability to motivate others, one must be able to talk efficiently and fluently even in front of big crowd….but to be a good communicator one must be a good listener as well.
  8. Work on changes timely – As time changes much advancement must take place; we must take and give opinions for the changes as what all things would be necessary for the work environment.
  9. Showing the feeling of gratitude – It is important to appreciate the work n ideas of others  as it is one of the ways to win hearts of people , respect feelings and emotions of every individual ;to get a feel good feeling to the person and making them realize there importance and the importance of their contribution.
  10. Respect other’s emotions – One is emotionally attached to the work they do, so it must be kept in mind not to hurt the feelings  a al would directly mood and work performance of the person.
  11. Be sensible – Over excitement is not a good sign, and giving importance to work instead of people, and treating them like animals. We should be sensible and not hurt others by miss behaving and harming there sentiments, in case we miss behave and harm we must not forget to apologize immediately.
  12. Learn to be responsible – Try to take responsibility for the things right or wrong instead of blaming others. Be strong to accept your/other’s mistakes.
  13. Creating a comfortable environment – A healthy interaction environment must be created among the team members, so that each member feels welcome and comfortable with each other, and this can be done by motivating and assisting them.
  14. Learn to divide team work – One must have an appropriate idea of how the work has to be divided among the differently skilled of the team, so that the work is done innovatively and strategically in a perfect manner, and no member is felt left out.
  15. Serve others – Learn to serve others by helping, respecting and valuing there needs without one’s own benefit in mind, is really a good quality.
  16. Organizing timely get together – Meetings must be organized to create healthy environment among the members in forms of lunch and parties once in a week or month so as to know people more to get close by not only discussing the work but also sharing personal life time to time.
  17. Believe in what you do – One must have a complete faith and believe in what they do and what they are doing, such strong belief and thoughts must be shared with others members as well.
  18. Love what you do – Being passionate and loving the work that we do, is one of the best ways of motivation and happiness and this ultimately brings out the best of our talents and ideas, and we can have the best of the results.
  19. What matters? – Most important thing that matters is the opinion of others ,ask  for their ideas and suggestions  and the ways to achieve the targeted goal, and hence this way we can get to know about their dedication at work as well and also of how different and similar your ideas and thoughts are.
  20. Never be afraid – One of the most important point to be a good leader is always to be strong and carry on the work that we believe in and if not harmful to anyone, without any fear. Because with the fear in mind we may lose our confidence and we won’t be able to give our best nor we can expect the best of the team members, so a proper outlay must be formed before and the work must be carried out with whole confidence.

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Nick January 20, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Excellent tips, thank you for sharing.


Jerry Hingle October 3, 2011 at 11:08 am

This is great information for young leaders. Thank you for the entry.


Spencer McDonald December 17, 2011 at 12:19 am

You really hit the mark with these 20 leadership qualities. I think you got to the heart of real leadership and left us with a playbook for success as a leader. Thank you for that.

These are two things I learned about being an effective leader this year.

1. Be thoughtful in your words and actions.
2. Be humble and not to full of yourself.

I enjoyed your blog article.


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